Monday, June 11, 2012

Difficult Bryce

My MIL always says, when you have three kids, it seems one of them is always going through a phase.  So far, she's been pretty much right.  And the child currently phasing.....Bryce.

It seems Bryce is in the middle of a phase I like to call "Post-Kindergarten Big Man Syndrome."  He's now finished kindergarten is feeling quite good about himself.  He seems to stand a little taller and feels pretty confident.  Not bad things on their own but it seems he's a little TOO sure of himself these days.  Much like his older sister, he's also become a little bit of a know it all.  And while I know my kids are smart, the constant disbelief/questioning what we tell them is more than frustrating.

Bryce also completely lacks the ability to take responsibility for his actions.    This has been an ongoing thing with Bryce but has gotten worse recently.  If I had a dollar for every time he said "I didn't do anything!" we'd be able to go back to Disney World next year.  Sometimes I think he legitimately doesn't realize he did something (smacking back at his sister when he's mad) but other times it's pretty apparent he knows what he did and is either in complete denial or is skilled at lying.  It makes me kind of nuts frankly.  I'm learning NOT to argue with him because that is what he wants. Regardless of how red in the face he gets denying he did something, I don't argue and put him in his room or somewhere to sit and cool off.  He never actually will come around to admit it but at least he knows he's been punished for his behavior.

He's also taking a lot of his bravado out on Piper too.  Clearly he knows he's the bigger guy and can pull some things over on her.  But the constant name calling is a problem.  This is another instance where he does it so frequently, sometimes he doesn't even do it consciously.  Might be hard to believe but if you heard how it just kind of sings it out sometimes, you'd realize there are moments when he's only partly conscious of doing's become a BAD habit.  It usually is one of 4 different variations and it makes me nuts.  We're working on nipping that one in the bud though.

I know a LOT of it has to do with sibling rivalry though.  When you are alone with him, one on one, he's FINE.  He's sweet, he's funny, he says the most interesting things.  But, when he's with his sisters, ugh, mess.  He can be down right mean.  We've always said, ever since Bryce was a baby, that he had a bit of Jekyll and Hyde to him and I think he still does.  He can still flip into a rage at the drop of a hat, but now he can turn into a mean, jerky boy in a blink too.  But he can also turn it right back off when you're not expecting it.

I realize that some of it can also be attributed to the struggles of growing up and adjusting to becoming an older boy as opposed to a little boy.  He's trying to figure out who he is and how to act in certain situations.  He's my only boy, so it's my only chance to see this change.  I think I remember my brother going through something like this too because I kind of remember stages of not liking him very much.

But we'll get through this and just as soon as we do, I'm sure one of the girls will be going through something.  Never a dull moment...

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Heather said...

For every mean comment--"put down"--he says about his sister(s) he has to say TWO "put-ups." That should help nip the habit..or at least make him more aware of his actions.

There is also that book, Words are Not for Hurting.