Friday, June 08, 2012

Bittersweet Last Day

Today was the last day of school!  4 days shorter than it was supposed to be but that's because they had built snow days into the calendar which our school system did not use.  We didn't even have a single late opening!  Crazy "winter."  I know it rough during February without any breaks but I'm sure this extra week off is feeling pretty good to the teachers about now.

Somehow, I managed NOT to take any photos this morning, not even with my phone.  I took them the past 2 years.  But actually, I know EXACTLY why I didn't take any photos this morning and his name is Bryce.  More on that later....

I always find this day particularly bittersweet.  I'm excited for the kids to be done and get a break.  I'm happy for it to be officially summer and to relax without having to look through anyone's folder or pack lunches (woohoo!).  I'm happy for shorts, flip flops, and swimming.

But, I'm a little sad too.  I'm sad to be finished with two really great teachers!  (Although I am keeping my hopes up that Piper will get Ms. R and that Bryce will get Ms. A in two years.)  I'm sad that another year has flown by.  I'm sad to be leaving the familiarity behind of each of the teachers and the grades that each child has completed.  And I'm sad that I won't be home with them more now that it's officially summer.

I lament this each year and June is always particularly hard for me since my memories of summer were that of my mom being home with us (even when she went back to work she was a school nurse, so she had her summer off) and going to the pool almost  I know we have a family vacation planned and other days off in between.  We have my BIL's wedding/party to look forward to as well as some other little trips here and there.  It's definitely not business as usual for me either since the office is much more relaxed and so many people are on vacation at any given time - just a slower pace, but busy too since students aren't here to slow me down!   (Working at a university would be great without all the students.  I jest.)

But all in all, I'm glad it's summer but sad for the time to be going so quickly.  We'll be talking school supplies before we know it.  June always seems to pass in such a flash but maybe with the kids getting out so early it will go a little slower.

Wonder if Caroline and Bryce will humor me with last day of school photos tonight?  We took the teachers some of my beautiful hydrangeas this morning (they are mostly blue this year!) and it would have made for such pretty photos.

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Bracken said...

Sydney's last day is still 2 weeks away but I will be very sad to say goodbye to her teacher from this year. She was just such a great fit for Sydney. It is great to see how much Sydney has grown over the year in so many areas.

It is so amazing to watch children grown and learn in front of you!!!