Thursday, May 31, 2012


On Tuesday, since I was going to be with the big kids all day and picking them up, my MIL asked if she could just take Piper home with her for the day and night so she'd have more time at home to prepare for the shower we're throwing this weekend.  I didn't see a problem with it since Bryce had had his alone overnight with Nana and Big Dad on Friday.

The day before when I told her, Piper was very excited but then as the day wore on and she got more tired she started getting upset about it saying how much she would miss me.  Of course that was tugging at my heart strings but I knew her being tired always amplifies things like that.  I was a little nervous about leaving on Tuesday morning but thankfully, my FIL came along and when I was ready to walk out the door with Caroline and Bryce, Piper was snuggled up on the couch with Big Dad reading a book and barely cared that I was leaving.  Whew.

She had a great day and night with Nana and Big Dad, just like I knew she would.  She spends so much time with them already and I knew she'd love the extra, singular attention.  I missed her little hugs and kisses though and was glad to talk to her before bed.

As for our evening with only 3 kids, I was actually kind of glad to be down one kid for once.  When I got Caroline and Bryce from school, it was soooo hot, I offered to get them Slurpees on our way to the drug store to pick up a few prescriptions.  Not having Piper means that I didn't have to buckle anyone in!  Caroline and Bryce are in boosters so they just buckle themselves and we GO!  Ahhh, so nice.  Not that I am looking forward to Piper getting bigger but I will NOT miss buckling little people into car seats.

Then when we got home from our errand, because all three of us had been out in the heat all day and were dog tired, we all crashed on the couch and watched a movie until dinner.  This is probably something Piper would have made more difficult since she wouldn't have been as wiped out as we were and I'd bet she and Bryce would have ended up fighting.

After dinner, Bryce and Jason went to his game and I got to stay home with just Caroline....that never happens!  We sat and talked (I love having an 8 year old that likes to talk) and looked at old pictures of her and talked about her babyhood.  She loved it.  Caroline is the one most often interrupted by her siblings when she's talking so I know she enjoyed having my complete attention for once. I even made myself NOT do any chores and just devote the time with her (even though the grocery list and menu needed to be done).

Bedtime was fairly easy too....Piper tends to be our most difficult kid at bedtime many nights.  And no one woke me up in the night to cover them back up either although my sunburn on my shoulders did a pretty good job of making my night's sleep fairly miserable.

However, when Wednesday morning came and Nana and Piper arrived, I was just so happy to see her.  We had some squishy hugs while she ate strawberries (and got them on my work pants) and she showed me her pretty fingernails that Nana had painted.  It was even nicer when I got home from work yesterday and she was the only one home since the big kids were still at talent show practice, so I got to spend some time with just her for a little bit.

It was nice to have a little break from almost 4 year old antics, but I really missed my little Pip.

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