Friday, May 18, 2012

Kindy Boy

We had Bryce's final kindergarten conference on Monday with Ms. R and all is great!  Bryce is totally ready for first grade and is reading first grade level words already.  The funny part was when Ms. R told us that recently Bryce and a few other kids were being pulled out of class during reading time to work with the Reading Specialist at a more advanced level.  Bryce hadn't mentioned this to us at all.  Ms. R laughed and asked us to ask Bryce how Ms. H was doing.  Of course we did and he spilled it all.  I guess he didn't even consider it being anything out of the ordinary.

I fully expected Bryce to do well in kindergarten.  He's the oldest kid in his class by our choice and he's really done well.  The year in kindergarten has really given him a lot of structure and taught him some self control that I don't think he had much of before (and still doesn't always at home!).  It seems that a lot of kids (especially girls) like him and he is completely his own person.  Ms. R commented on how intelligent he is and that he's also a bit of a perfectionist.  What's interesting is that I never actually considered that before, but she's totally right.  The things I've noticed about how angry Bryce gets about being blamed or things or taking responsibility for himself all come back to perfectionism and him NEVER wanting to be wrong.  Ever.  Never ever. Ms. R said that if he gets his clipped moved down to yellow he asks for opportunities to be moved back to green before the end of the day.  And on the (few) days he'll remain on yellow, of course, he can never remember why he was put on yellow to begin with or will push the responsibility onto someone else.

Academically, I hadn't considered this either until she gave us the example of one day in class he misread the words "space shuttle" as "spaceship."  Ms. R corrected him and then, well, that was it for Bryce.  He adamantly refused to read anymore saying he doesn't like to read.  He tells us that all the time too yet he spends so much of his time trying to figure out words and if he's alone he'll sit and read a book out loud.  It's almost as though he doesn't want us to see him make a mistake.

Who knew my little buddy would get the perfectionist gene?  Although we'll need to work with him on not reacting in certain ways if he makes a mistake in school.  I think at this point he hasn't made many academically and when he's really challenged that will change.

I will be curious to see how Bryce does in first grade.  I think the fact that there is a lot more structure once you get to the "grades" will be good for him.  He is hungry to try and catch up with Caroline even though we've told him it's not possible at this point.  I can already see the sibling academic competition amping up even though we do nothing to support it.  Caroline is in the early stages of learning multiplication and division and he cannot wait to get there too.  And while Caroline is now adamant she wants to be a "cat specialist" when she grows up, Bryce is now saying he wants to be a doctor.  That was kind of a surprise when he said that but you never know where your kids paths will lead long as they're happy (and they visit a lot!).

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