Monday, May 07, 2012

Gymnastics Progress

The girls have had 4 weeks of gymnastics classes so far and I'm very impressed at how I can already see their progress.  I am most definitely not looking to turn my kids into any kind of Olympic athlete, but it seems Caroline is putting herself on that kind of track.  Or at least she thinks she is.

Piper's class is much different than Caroline's.  She basically gets to do gymnastic type obstacle courses where they get to tumble down wedge mats, swing from rings and bars, and jump off of things.  She loves it.  She's one of the older kids in her class and you can see that she already has a good deal of body control and muscle development.  She can hang from bars and do flips whereas the other girls can barely hold on.  It makes me laugh every time she hangs from the trapeze bar and she throws her little feet up on it and swings completely upside down.  She is a little monkey!  A few weeks ago on the rings she used to be only able to hang, but now she can get her feet up and do a flip sometimes.  She's even been practicing on our swing set at home.

Caroline's class is more instructional.  They spend some time each week doing tumbling and then some time on some of the equipment.  She had a decent cartwheel when she started but I'm amazed at how good they've gotten.  Also, the first week when the teacher had them doing a bridge (where you lay on your back, put your hands upside down next to your head and arch up), Caroline couldn't completely do it.  But now, she does them beautifully.  I can see her flexibility improving and she's close to doing a split already too!  Last night she launched herself into a headstand, sustained it for way longer than I expected and then turned it into a roll.  I was amazed because she couldn't do that a few weeks ago.

I think that Caroline is really motivated because at the same time we are in the gym, there is a team there practicing.  The girls look to be a little older than Caroline and she loves to watch them and all that they can do.  She's fascinated by the things they can do on the balance beam and she was just thrilled this week that they had their turn on the high beams themselves.  She also loves the trampolines and the spring boards.

I haven't really taken any photos because I have to sit in the waiting room on the other side of the glass and don't want to distract them taking photos.  Maybe on the last week of the session I'll get some.

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