Wednesday, May 09, 2012


Caroline has decided that she would like to be called "Gracie" from here on out.  She no longer wants to be called Caroline and gets irritated when I call her that.  I told her that I've been calling her Caroline for almost 9 years and that's quite a habit to break and wouldn't it be hard to start calling her father "Tony" if we told her to?  Of course, that made her laugh but she said it wasn't the same.  I beg to differ.

I told her about all the girl names I liked when I was a kid - Jaime, Kelly, Kristi, Maddie.  She laughed at all of those too. I told her that the names she loves will change over time - I never imagined having children named Caroline, Bryce and Piper when I was a kid.

I asked her what she loved so much about "Gracie" and she said it's just the most beautiful name ever.  Apparently her friend Kaitlyn has a new name too - Alexandra, I think.  Clearly we're not headed down to the courthouse to change her name though so I'll indulge her for a bit.  When I wrote her a note in her lunch yesterday, I addressed it to "Gracie" and she said that it was the most special note....EVER!

So maybe that's how I will get her to follow directions for the short term?  She seems to respond to Gracie happily.

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