Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Field Trip Success

Bryce had a GREAT trip to the zoo....even without me.  Sniff.

He was in a group with his buddy Antonio's dad as their chaperone.  Antonio is a really nice kid (his older brother is the one that Caroline is in puppy love with - gag) and he and Bryce get along so I could tell Bryce was very happy about his group.  His buddy Isaac was in his group too.  I think Ms. R does a good job of grouping the kids to help the parent chaperones out.

I asked him if he saw a lot of animals and he said he saw them ALL!  Ha!  Apparently, when school groups visit, they don't drop them off at the main gate where you end up having to take the tram or walk a long way to get to the main part of the zoo.  Instead, the bus dropped them off right where all the animals are so there is no time lost waiting or just walking.  Brilliant!

I guess a little over 2 hours was more than enough for the kids because Bryce said they had a great time.  And the weather held out too.  Not hot and not too sunny.  Maybe I need to skip more field trips?

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