Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Field Trip Slacker

Today, Bryce's class is going to the Maryland Zoo and I am not going.  This is the first field trip any of the kids have taken that I haven't attended.  When the notice came home a few weeks ago, I knew as soon as I saw the date that I probably wouldn't go because just the day before I had committed to helping all day with field day the following week.  Not that I couldn't have taken today off, I just didn't want to take two Tuesdays off in a row.  Plus, when I saw the schedule for the trip - leave at 9:30am and return by 1pm, I had even less interest.  They tend to go on field trips during those hours because it makes the price of the bus more reasonable.  By doing this, they are using buses that are used for the regular morning/afternoon schedule - by going earlier and/or staying later the price goes up significantly.

So essentially, they wouldn't be arriving at the zoo until after 10am, have to assemble and get through the gates and then haul over to the main part of the zoo to even see any animals.  Then in addition to that, they were planning on eating their lunches there and then needing to leave by 12:30pm at the latest.  I don't know about you, but less than 2 hours at the zoo supervising a bunch of kindergartners doesn't sound like my cup of tea.  I know how stressful it is corralling a bunch of kids at the aquarium and the science center, so I decided to opt out of this trip.  I've been to that zoo many times and based on how spread out it is, I can't imagine the kids are going to see very much.  But the kids certainly don't care - it's a field trip for goodness sake!

Then in addition to not really wanting to go, it turned out I couldn't go because it was the day the school scheduled Piper's IEP meeting which can't be rescheduled. Thankfully, I was able to do that via phone from work.  (more on that later)

So right now I'm sitting here hoping that Bryce is having a good time and seeing a few sites.  Because he's been there a few times, I will be curious what they actually saw versus what he knows is there.  I'm not anxious about him getting lost or anything, just a little sad about missing spending the day with him.  He was sad initially when I told him I wouldn't go because he assumed I would, but as of this morning he didn't seem to even consider it, which I was glad about.

I realize with 3 kids and a full time job, I'm not going to be able to go on ALLLL the field trips but this is just the first one I've missed so I'm a little bummed about it even though I'm not sad to be actually missing the trip, if that makes sense.

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Erin said...

Don't feel badly... I haven't gone on a single field trip in elementary school EVER. They always seem to schedule them on the days Simon has school... every. single .year... which makes it double hard to go and then add Jonathan needing a sitter into the equation and it's just not worth it for me. :( Ben BEGS me to go too.... but I just can't swing it right now.