Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Field Day Problems

Yesterday was the 3rd field day in a row that I've volunteered for.  And 3rd field day it's been VERY hot.  And I can tell you right now that I am DONE with field day.  Done done done done done done done!  Aside from the fact that it was a scorcher, the kids actually had a good day.  I give the credit to their teachers who were taking them in and out of the air conditioning and doing other things in between their events.  Some of the events were in the shade while other ones involved water to cool them off.  So all in all, if you asked them how it was, they loved it.

But me, not so much.

First off, I got there and found that the gym teacher had very few volunteers.  While I get that maybe you're not going to have as much help as you'd like, you'd think that maybe you'd tailor your day to not needing as many helpers.  I saw the schedule and figured it was doable.  I'd brought my lunch and figured I'd squeeze it in sometime.  I helped first with each of the classes doing their "fun run."  The kindergartners were first and Bryce got 5th place among almost 100 kids.  I couldn't believe how he ran the whole time!  It was hella hot!  But then they got to sit in the shade and eat popsicles so it was worth it.  Then we got through the first grades and second grades. It was steamy by the time the second graders had their turn and the gym teacher shortened it from 3 laps to 2 laps (1/4 mile laps) because she realized how hot it was.  So by this time it was almost 2 hours that I'd been out in the sun.

Then I went over to help with the "carnival."  This was on the hard court lot and there were 10 different carnival type games for the kids to play. OMG, it was hot.  Last year I don't think it was as bad because I was on the face painting station where I was under a canopy but someone else had already laid claim to that this year so I got stuck on the golf the sun.  Ouch.  Thankfully I had a fifth grader helping me to chase balls.  I ended up spending 2 1/2 hours out there and when I heard after finishing each of the kindergartens, first grades and second grades that we still had the PM pre-k to do, I went inside to go to the bathroom.  I was hot, it was 1:45 and I hadn't been offered a chance to eat any lunch, I was starving, hot, and my water bottle was warm and almost empty.  Nice way to treat the few volunteers you have.

So, I left.  I grabbed my lunch out of Caroline's locker and left.  I felt guilty but not that bad.  And I will not help next year.  I like the gym teacher but this was ridiculous.  She needs a better plan that does not involve abusing your volunteers.

I have a nasty sunburn on my shoulders because when I put on sunscreen, I forgot to put it up on my shoulders.  I ended up rolling up my sleeves and I regret that now.  I also have a nice tan sock line but at least that doesn't hurt.  I didn't sleep great last night since I was so thirsty as a result of the sunburn (yes, I drank a LOT) and I'm a side sleeper and it hurt to sleep on my sides.

I'm glad that I helped and I liked seeing my kids having a great time but if I ever do it again, I will not volunteer to the gym teacher only to the actual teacher of my kids' class so I can travel from station to station with them and go in and out and actually eat lunch as opposed to what I experienced.  But next year with Caroline being in 3rd grade (eek!) and Bryce being in 1st grade, they will have field day on two different days and I think, to be fair, I just won't do either since I'm not taking 2 days off of work in a row to sweat my butt off.  I'd much rather take days off to attend field trips or do other things with the school.  Field day will not be one of them!

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