Monday, May 14, 2012

The Day of Mothers

It was a nice Mother's Day.  Started at 7am, but I had a feeling the kids were going to wake me up early because I knew that they had been making something the night before when Jason and I were out at dinner.  My SIL and her husband came over to babysit while we went out to eat (Chazz: A Bronx Original - good food but very New York in that it was packed and loud, but good for a dinner with another couple) and brought over a box of crafty stuff.  I was banned from going into Caroline's room that night when we got home so I just knew they wouldn't be able to wait to wake me up.

At 7am, in they came with cards and artwork in hands ready for me to see everything.  I really need to take some photos of them.  Caroline wrote me a whimsical type poem, Bryce drew a picture of the two of us together, and Piper just decorated a page and wrote her name.  All three were very proud of their creation.  Then Bryce and Piper got up in bed with me and snuggled for a bit.  We went downstairs and on the table was a big box.  Inside was a 22inch flat screen replacement TV for our bedroom.  (We had a 13 inch TV from 1997 up until this point so this is kind of a big deal!)  My other gift was that the day before, Jason and Bryce took our old treadmill to the dump.  YAY!  One less piece of junk in our basement.

I made the kids waffles for breakfast and then ate something and then got ready for the day.  I was meeting my mom and sister for sushi and then going to see a movie in the afternoon. Jason took the kids out for Rita's and to the park while I was gone.  Lunch was really good and the movie was decent.  Before the movie we had some time and did some shopping in a new kid clothing store called Crazy 8 - I loved it!  Nothing like spending your mother's day away from the kids only to end up buying your kids a bunch of clothes!  Then we headed down to the theater and saw The Five Year Engagement and while it was funny and I liked the characters, it was about a half hour too long.  Judd Apatow could have done a better job at editing it.  But Jason Segal is just awesome as were two of the supporting actors who had us laughing a good bit of the time.  My mom and sister laughed a lot too and laughter is good for all of us.  Although I will say the half hour of previews before the movie were TERRIBLE.  Aren't they supposed to show you trailers that are aimed at the specific audience of the movie you're about to see?  Ugh.  5/6 of them were terrible and were most definitely not films that I would see.  Lots of sci-fi - definitely NOT the type of movie we were seeing.

We made it back to my mom's and then I headed home.  Jason had dinner almost ready and it smelled good.  He said that the kids were really good and we all sat down to dinner.  And that is where it all started to melt down.  I was barraged by "mommy mommy mommy" and the whining began.  Jason said he hadn't had to deal with that all day.  They whined, they complained, they asked for 542 different things.  Clearly, I am the problem here - sometimes I just feel like leaving.  I just don't get it.  I don't give into them or indulge them so why do I get whined to so much.  Piper threw a major fit because I told her she had to eat her (delicious) green beans.  Caroline and Bryce finished their meals and went out to play with neighbors but Piper was not allowed out of the house until she finished her food.  Jay and I sat on the front porch as she went through her fit of going to her room and slamming the door, crying, whining, and then finally eating them.  Ha!  I will break this wild pony if it's the last thing I do!   (Caroline and Bryce both ate all their food without much issue but it still wasn't enough to satisfy you for long but thankfully they didn't complain about being hungry later.)

Bathtime wasn't without dramatics either as Bryce launched into a fit.  He got over it and then all 3 kids actually went to bed without much issue.  Jay and I watched our usual Sunday night Game of Thrones episode and then fell into bed.

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