Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Cough Continues

Bryce and Caroline contracted the yuck that Piper had last week along with the most annoying cough ever.  The same cough that caused me to lose sleep with Piper 2 nights last week has moved on.  Bryce had a bad cough Sunday night into Monday - thankfully the kindergarten kids didn't have school on Monday because of conference day.  But as I was getting ready to leave work on Monday at lunch to go to Bryce's conference, the school nurse called to say she had Caroline in her office.  Poor kid just didn't feel well and was hacking through the night.  She stayed home yesterday and again today.  Last night was brutal in that she was up before 2:30am and stayed awake because of her cough.  She gets to stay home today and take a nap.  Not me. (And no, the magic Delsym did nothing when they were in the worst part of this cough.)

I debated keeping her home today because she was mostly just tired and her constant cough had calmed down but when she did cough it sounded AWFUL.  Thankfully, her teacher sent her work home for her yesterday so she is caught up.

Now  Jason and I cross our fingers that we don't get it.  He had a nasty cough back in the fall that drove us both crazy and turned into bronchitis for him.  Gotta keep taking our vitamin D and keeping our fingers crossed.  The cold season is supposed to be over!!!

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