Friday, May 04, 2012

Bike Retrieval

Jason was the neighborhood hero yesterday.  He helped the police nab some punk teenagers after he saw them steal a bike from our neighbor's yard - it was kind of exciting.

When I got home, Jason and Bryce were playing catch in the front yard.  I went inside to get changed and when I looked outside, I saw Jay talking to our neighbor (Sophia's mom) from 3 doors down.  I went outside and asked what was wrong and he said some kids had just stolen a bike from the backyard of our neighbor 2 doors down (Rosa's house) - they weren't home but their bike had been sitting outside next to their deck, not locked up.

Jason said that before I had gotten home, these 3 teenage boys came walking down our street.   He said they looked middle school aged (9th grade at the oldest?) and they were fairly well dressed.  They had gone back between Sophia and Rosa's house.  He heard one of them say something like "there's just woods back there" so he thought maybe they were looking for a short cut or something.  At that point they left and I actually saw them at the entrance to our development when I got home a few minutes later.  When I was inside, one of the boys came back and kept walking up and down the sidewalk across the street.  He would look at Jason and then used his phone to make a call or do something.  Jason said he went back between the two houses again and all of a sudden shot out on a bike and hauled off down the street.  Jason immediately knew what had happened.

He called the non-emergency number for the police and an officer showed up within a few minutes.  While Jason was talking to him, over the radio another officer informed him that they found 3 youths with a bike not too far away.  The officer asked if Jason would come with him.  Jason agreed and got into the back of the squad car.  Now, here's where I wish I'd had my see MY law abiding husband get into the back of a police car.  Ha!  Jason said the officer sped down the road and found two other squad cars with the 3 boys and the bike.  The officer told Jason if he wanted to lay down he could so the kids wouldn't see him.  Jason did but then sat up but hid his face behind a seat rest and identified the kids as the ones he had seen.  The officer put the bike in his trunk and brought Jason back to our house.

Since Rosa and her daughters weren't home, Sophia's mom stored the bike in her garage and the officer gave Jason a paper to fill out for his statement and said he'd be back.  Jason wrote his statement and gave it to the officer and he told him that unless Rosa decided to press charges, they didn't have criminal case but that they were informing the kids' parents and I am pretty sure they probably scared the hell out of the kids - they had the one who stole the bike in the back of one of the cars.

So an exciting evening.  I think the kids learned a valuable lesson in that they know now why we're always harping on them NOT to leave their bikes out, even just for a little while.  They also saw how serious the police took the situation and showed them how easily they can get into trouble.  I'm thinking this is a good thing to remember when THEY are teenagers and one of their friends wants to get into some mischief.

I'm guessing these kids were not hardened criminals just a couple of kids that were bored and lacking in supervision.  However, the officer did remind us that aside from not leaving things out that can be taken to also remember to shut your blinds when you're not home.  He said that if criminals can't see what's inside the likelihood that they will break into your house is much less because they want to KNOW what they are coming in after and not wasting their time.  So there's my safety tip for you for this Friday.

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