Tuesday, May 08, 2012

(Big) Cat Fancy

Caroline has a new fascination....Big Cats!  Strangely enough it started after we returned from Disney World - after she would have had ample opportunity to see more big cats at Animal Kingdom (but didn't because she just wanted to swim).  Anyway, it sort of came out of no where but I'm not completely surprised.  She loves animals.  Completely loves them.  Too bad Jason and I just aren't the parents who want an animal in our house - well, besides our kids of course.

Caroline has loved cats and dogs since she was little.  She loves to sit and look out of her window and watch for the few random wild cats that live in our neighborhood.  She's also very into watching for all other wild animals too - rabbits, foxes, etc.  But now she wants to watch Animal Planet any chance she gets and has been checking out book after book about big cats.  When I saw her librarian at school last week and she saw that I was purchasing a 3D Big Cats book from the book fair, she knew right away it was for Caroline.  She said she's been helping her to find them on her weekly visits.

And now, every morning she wakes up a few minutes before 7am to run downstairs to watch Big Cat Diary!  She was thrilled when Bryce's nature magazine came this month featuring cheetahs on the cover - her most favorite.  And now she's starting to talk about them and tell me all kinds of big cat facts.

However, up until a few days ago if you asked her what she wanted to be when she grew up, she would tell you a preschool teacher.  I told her that she could do that but did she know she could study zoology in college and go onto be a veterinarian to care for household pets or work in a zoo or some other crazy job where they work with wild animals.  She hadn't really thought about it.  I've thought for a long time that her calling was animals.  I'm already afraid at how many she'll have one day when she moves out of our house.  Although she maintains that she does NOT want children so I suppose animals will be her babies....preparing myself for the Christmas cards now.

This summer she will be doing a 5 day camp at the community college all about pet care and training.  Too bad she won't have any animals to practice on.  Although I could possibly see being worn down for a dog in 5+ years if the conditions were right, but a cat will never enter my house.  Although baby cheetahs are really cute.  Too bad they get all vicious and stuff.

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