Friday, May 18, 2012

Big Cat-astrophe

 I've mentioned how Caroline is totally into cats, big cats specifically, right now.  She has this new ritual of getting up at 7am to watch two episodes of Big Cat Diary.  She'll watch episode one from 7 until 7:30 and then eat breakfast while she watches the 2nd episode that comes on at 7:30.  Well, yesterday her world came crashing down when Bryce got up ten minutes before her and already had the TV on in the family room watching something else.  I was finishing getting my lunch packed and when she saw the TV on, she got this look on her face. I simply told her she could go ahead upstairs and watch it on my (new!) TV in my room.  No problem, right?  She still gets to watch her beloved cats.

Nope.  No go.

She crumbled.  That was not the right answer.  She started crying because if she watched it upstairs, how could she watch the 2nd episode while she ate her breakfast?  Oh horror of horrors.  I told her that maybe she should get dressed during the commercials and then eat a quick breakfast and then go back up and finish it.


"But THIS is MY schedule.  This is what I do.  He needs to go and watch his show upstairs!!!!!!"

Yeah, this was going really well.  She laid on the floor and whined and cried and I ignored her.  She continued to yell and at this point I was getting angry.  I went upstairs to finish getting ready and locked my bedroom door behind me.  She was wayyyyyy beyond reason at this point and I wasn't going to indulge her.  Big Cats was off the table for the day as far as I was concerned.  She sat out in the hallway and hollered and cried (and banged on the door until I threatened to ground her) until I opened the door 10 minutes later.  I had put the remote to the TV away so she couldn't turn it on and told her no TV this morning.  I also told her that I was blocking the show for today and tomorrow on the downstairs TV as punishment for her behavior.

Of course that led to more crying and at that point my IL's arrived.  I felt bad having them enter in the middle of a fit.  She yelled again as she saw me blocking the show in the downstairs TV and I carefully picked her up under one arm (yeah, I can still do that although she's getting so much taller it won't be long but I'll do it while I still can) and carried her to the top of the steps and put her down calmly.  I told her she needed to knock it off and that if she behaved badly for Nana and Big Dad that going outside with her friends this evening was not happening.

I think at this point she knew she was out of hand and started calming down even running out after me in the garage to hug me good bye and then waving to me from the window as I left.  I had a feeling that the worst was over....and it was.  She was perfect for my IL's thankfully.

I stuck to my punishment for the morning but was nice enough to record both episodes for watching later.  When she came home from school yesterday she apologized for the way she acted on her own.  She's actually started doing this recently which tells me she's starting to "get it."  I've noticed her angry fits are shorter lived too.  Maybe because when she starts we take her to her room which she can't leave until she calms down.  Or perhaps the possible or actual consequences mean something to her now.  I don't know.  Maybe she's growing up?  In that respect, one can only hope.

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