Monday, April 09, 2012


Lots more Disney posts to come.  I wrote it all down on the plane on Friday night so I wouldn't forget.  But I'm exhausted.  Still.  Saturday was all about laundry and getting the house together and yesterday was Easter so I feel as though I never have had any downtime....although I don't really seem to ever have much downtime.  Feeling pretty hungover even though I've had nothing to drink. What gives?

It was a WONDERFUL trip though.  Worth every bit of energy.  The only thing I can really complain about are the blisters I sustained on my toes from all the walking, but I powered through because blisters can heal later.  But I do need a new pair of tennis shoes - that's for sure.

Here's the silhouette of the 3 kids I got in Magic Kingdom.  I'm so in love with it:

More photos to come and a day by day breakdown.

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