Thursday, April 12, 2012

Public Barfing

I so wish I didn't have to report that we had survived yet another public barfing incident.  I wish I could tell you that there wasn't chocolate dairy product involved again.  But I can tell you it wasn't Piper, it was Caroline and it was the first barf of what is apparently a stomach virus.  This was all before 6pm and she's been throwing up hourly since then.  I told my mom when I talked to her that any time a kid throws up my first reaction (other than, "Man, I have to clean that up!") is, how soon before we all have it....before I have it.  I hate that my mind automatically does that but when you've had stomach viruses go through your house, you know that you sit in a period of limbo for days waiting for the next person to succumb.

Anyway, the day started great. I went on a field trip with Caroline's class to see a play at a local college.  We were back by noon and I used the extra time to run to Target (got my 2 tiered fruit/veggie basket!) and then to get myself a new pair of tennis shoes since I blew mine out in Disney.  When I got home my MIL mentioned that she might be meeting up with my SIL for an impromptu birthday dinner.  I told her that because Jason and Bryce were going to his end of season soccer party, the girls didn't have any plans and could we tag along.  Everyone thought that was a good idea and I was looking forward to it.  I took Piper to her speech session (I need to update on that soon) and then the kids and I walked home from school without issue.  My SIL arrived and we left for a diner about 20 minutes from my house all in separate cars since we all would be going home from there.

Caroline rode with me and fell asleep on the way.  Not completely out of the ordinary but not her usual either - I figured she had stayed up too late reading the night before.  When I tried to get her out of the van she balked and was really lethargic.  I figured she just needed to eat.  She kept putting her head down on the table and I asked her if she felt sick and she said no, she was just soooo tired.  I took both girls to the bathroom and it was like she was moving in slow motion.  We went back to the table and she took some sips of her chocolate milk and kept putting her head down.  Again I asked her if she was okay - no mention of stomach issues.  A few moments later, just after we had ordered and my soup had arrived, she taps me and I look at her.  Her eyes were open super wide, she had both hands over her mouth and an instant later she was spewing.  Oh good grief.  It went all over the table in front of her and all down the front of her.  Thankfully it was mostly milk (ew, sour smell) and no food.  I started grabbing for napkins to clean off the table and her.  My MIL asked if we should get her a soda but just seeing how much puke she had on her, I knew she needed to go home - fast!  My MIL said not to worry, she would bring Piper home and take care of the food.  Thank goodness for Sandy and Kelly (the poor birthday girl!).  I wrapped Caroline's coat around her to disguise the barf down the front of her and ran out to the car.  Upon getting into the van, Caroline decided to completely strip - she couldn't stand having those smelly clothes on.  Thankfully, I had a blanket in the back so she didn't have to ride home naked in her car seat.  (Again, this was her choice to strip, not mine so I kind of giggle that she didn't even care!)  She dozed on the ride home and seemed to be okay when we got there.  I had her wash up and sent her upstairs to get clothes on.  In this time, I went out to the van and used disinfecting wipes to wipe everything off and any surface we touched before washing our hands upon coming in to the house.  I also got her laundry going.  In this time, she apparently threw up 3 more times without even telling me.  She calmly made it to the bathroom, threw up, and cleaned herself up.  Magical.  Okay, not magical because is a puking kid but seriously, who is this child?  Caroline is typically so dramatic about things and she's handling this like a champ.

She's continued to throw up every half hour or so and she's handling it so well.  When she's finally on the mend, I will be sure to mention it to her how proud I am of her for acting so grown up - it's kind of a whole new experience for me.  I'm used to dramatic responses to everything from all 3 kids.  What a nice change even if it is as a result of a stomach virus.

Now to wait for the next person to drop....any bets on who it will be?  I'd put all my money on the person who has been wiping everything down with the wipes.  There's no way I got every spot, is there?

ETA:  I totally jinxed myself.  Just this morning I said to Caroline and Bryce, "Hey you guys have perfect attendance so far this year."  Yep, just this morning.  How is that possible?  I guess this means Bryce will get it too.  I need to keep my mouth shut.


Katie said...

Oh no!

Erin said...

Uuuuuuugh.... nothing worse than a stomach virus... especially in a multi-child family. I'll bet your next... having had the most direct contact with her and the spew.... I hope not though.