Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Please Rain!

The pollen this spring is NO JOKE.  The levels are normal for this time of year but what is not normal is how dry it's been and how windy.  If you go outside, it's like a pollen tornado.  Not great for my kids, especially Bryce!!  We had NO issues in Orlando last week even though their levels were supposedly high.  One day outside playing in these conditions on Saturday meant instant allergy eyes for Bryce.  The Rx we have for his eye drops helped but he still looked bad so I went ahead and used the liquid Prednisone I had from last year and decided to do a short course of it like the allergist has done with him several times.  It quiets everything down, allows the other meds to work and when he comes off, the meds are at full potency and he's usually fine.   (We hadn't started the eye drops before his flare up.)  Here's hoping.  A little rain would do wonders for the pollen levels but I don't think there is much relief in sight. The weather for the coming week looks pretty good but without rain and more wind coming.  Where are our April showers????

I'll admit the allergens are getting me too although not as bad as I thought.  I had all this gunk in my throat with a cough that I attributed to allergies, as does Caroline, but then Piper developed it and then today mine seems to have started to get better.  I'm pretty sure we have some viral, cold-like thing going on too.

Poor Bryce though, he's started baseball practice and the weather is too nice to be inside (I have such outdoorsy kids!) so I just keep hoping for some kind of reprieve.  It's reconfirmed that we WILL start allergy shots this summer once our insurance changes over to completely cover them.  As much as it will suck getting them started, this will be so much better for him in the long run and I think they'll get used to them after a few weeks.

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