Thursday, April 26, 2012

More "Talent?"

Well, the annual school talent show is coming up again and this time I have TWO kids who are itching to show off their talent.  Remember last year how Caroline decided she could play the piano for her talent?   Well, this year the talent show info session came around and both kids attended and came home deciding that, yes, they both would be auditioning.  Bryce said he was going to play "Mary Had a Little Lamb" and Caroline had no idea what she was going to do.  Bryce had never played that song so I was curious how he was going to pull that off just as I was curious what Caroline would do.  I knew that even though she loves to sing and dance that she would never agree to doing that on stage so I suggested perhaps reading a poem.  She loved that idea and we found a very suitable poem from Shel Silverstein's "Sick".  It's a tale of a child who says she's too sick to go to school and lists all of her maladies only to find out at the very end that it's Saturday and she goes out to play. Caroline read that one at the audition and apparently even the principal laughed.  Good choice!

Bryce figured out MHLL and I helped him to write down the notes and he promptly memorized it without problems.  Both kids found out the day before spring break that they had made the cut.  I had a feeling that they would since they are always looking for acts that are NOT singing/dancing.

So far they've had two practices with many more to go.  Bryce did fine the first time but their electronic keyboard crapped out this past week.  Caroline, on the other hand, needs to practice.  They want her to have it mostly memorized and she's really relying a lot on the paper right now to get it out.  Jason and I told her she needed to practice but of course she didn't want to hear that from us. Maybe the assistant principal saying it helped?  I am going to put it on cardstock for her and condense it to one page, so maybe that will help some.  I think I'll download the Shel Silverstein reading of the poem too as I hearing one as a kid that might help with her own oration of it.

I'm sure it will be a hoot much like last year's was.  Of course that means sitting through some very untalented kids belting out some terrible pop songs I've never heard - that's always fun.  But it will be worth it to see my two performing.

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