Monday, April 30, 2012


Piper has a new technique for trying to get what she wants - hypnoeyes!  Last night she was getting out of the tub and we were talking about how she's getting married this summer.  (Yeah, she says she's marrying our 8 year old neighbor this summer - she hasn't asked him yet - ha ha ha!)  Anyway, I asked her what she was planning on wearing to this wedding and she said, "A wedding dress." I asked her where she was getting this wedding dress expecting her to say one of her many dress up dresses, but instead she looked at me with those big old brown eyes, opened them really wide and smiled at me and said, "Your wedding dress!"  She continued to smile and stare at me.  I immediately started laughing and asked her if she was trying to hypnotize me.  She, of course, didn't know what that was but now she's doing it constantly.

This morning she used the same technique to get me to give her some gummy vitamins.  It makes me laugh to see her concentrate so hard to try and convince me.  Personally, I kind of get overwhelmed by the cuteness of it but I am experienced enough to not give into it.  I mentioned it to my mom and she said that Piper's done that to her before too when she wants something.

Beats the heck out of a tantrum to try and sway you, I guess.

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