Friday, April 13, 2012

Disney - Day 4

Admittedly, I wasn't feeling so hot on Tuesday morning but because this was THE day that we were taking Bryce to Hollywood Studios at opening so we could sign him up for Jedi Training Academy.  I had heard that you needed to get there early to sign up and I was having some anxiety about making sure we got there on time.  My parents had already agreed to let Jason, Bryce and I go ahead and bring the girls later to make sure nothing slowed us down.  I woke up way before my alarm and just decided to power through my tentative stomach because it was just too important.  We made it to Hollywood before 8am and lo and behold, so many of the characters were out at the gate greeting guests without much of a line.  Bryce got to meet Minnie, Stitch, and Piglet.  He could have met Donald and Daisy too but he didn't want to wait any longer to get to Jedi.  (In hindsight we should have waited to meet Daisy because we didn't see her again the rest of our trip, but no big deal.)  

We walked into the park and Bryce was blown away by how empty it was.  It was cool, the streets were empty and it just had an extra magical feel to it.  Clearly all that stuff you read in the Unofficial Guide is true along with the plans!  Not that I doubted it but seeing it for myself really hit the point home.  We quickly ran to where the Jedi sign ups were and they were already signing up for the 11am show!  (They had already filled 3 other classes and it was barely 8am.)  Once that was done (I felt so much better!) we decided to go nuts!

We rode Star Tours (Jason was DONE with thrill rides after that) and then hustled down to Tower of Terror.  We got fast passes for Rockin' Roller Coaster and got in the very short line for Tower of Terror while Jason waited.  Bryce was honestly more freaked out by the theming and creepiness of the ride than he was the actual free fall part.  He liked that.  And while I like a good thrill ride, my stomach was not my friend that morning and so one ride on that was enough for me.  I'll have to ride it again the next time we go because I did like the thrill/suspense of it - very Twilight Zone!  Here we are after riding - Bryce was so proud of himself.

We had time before our FastPass so we walked around deciding what to do.  The Toy Story Mania line was waaaaay too long already (and we couldn't get another FP) so we decided to do the Backlot Tour.  Bryce enjoyed the part where the truck caught on fire.

Then we got back to Rockin' Roller Coaster only to find out that the minimum size is 48 inches.  As soon as I saw it, I knew we were doomed because he hadn't passed the other day.  Less than a half an inch - boo.  I swear he must have been measured wrong at his last checkup because according to that, he was already 48 inches.  Oh well, he took it well and thankfully, Kevin/Kelly arrived in time to take our fast passes and go right on the ride - bonus for them!  My parents arrived too and the girls were in BAD moods already.  They decided to take the girls into the Muppets 3D show while we went over to wait for Bryce's Jedi Training to start.  Finally, 11am arrived and they corralled the kids to the stage area.  They got their padawan cloaks on and out came the Jedi Trainers who handed out their training light sabers.  Bryce didn't end up on stage which meant he didn't get to fight Darth Vader but he ended up fighting Darth Maul - which I think is MUCH cooler.  (I think during higher crowd times they must double the size of the classes and bring in Darth Maul.)  I would have liked for him to be on stage for better photos but, it was still great.

Bryce's turn came and he fought Darth Maul with bravery!  I was so strangely proud!

And he needed to be brave because that dude was scary!  There was nothing fake about him - full makeup and costume - even the creepy contact lenses and teeth.  Eek!  

And then it was done and Bryce received his diploma.  I made sure to buy him a Jedi Training t-shirt too and later on in the day he built his own light saber - Jason liked it so much he built himself one later in the week.

While we did the Jedi thing, my parents took the girls to the Honey, I Shrunk the Kids playground which they loved!  My parents took off to ride some rides before lunch (thanks again mom and dad!!!) and we regrouped the kids and took them to the Great Movie Ride.  I didn't think they'd like it considering they hadn't seen most of the movies, but they did.

Next up, lunch at Mama Melrose's!  It was part of the Fantasmic package so we got reserved seating for Fantasmic later that night.  Wasn't sure what to expect from the meal but it was delicious!  Totally not typical, cheapo Italian food!  Jason and I both had the tuna which was excellent.  The kids had good meals too and Piper loved her "spaghetti & meatball" cupcake.  Note here she's wearing a sweater - I finally got smart and started packing one in my backpack for "cold" lunches.

The restaurant was really cool - kind of had a Lady & the Tramp feel to it.  I would definitely recommend it, especially as the option for Fantasmic.

At that point, after lunch, Jason and I were losing steam.  We wanted to ride a ride or two more but found that difficult since most things had long lines.  Little Mermaid was too long so we wanted to try the Magic of Animation but we went into the wrong one instead of the one where you draw.  The kids were done at that point so we decided to call it a day and go back to the resort for resting (no swimming!).  The kids were fine with that because the girls each had gotten a Princess Leia/Queen Amidala playset and Bryce wanted to play with his light saber.  We got back to the resort, Jason filled their drink mugs with things they are normally not allowed to have and I crashed in my parents room in peace.  I was awoken by Bryce yelling, "Hey!  I lost my tooth!"  And he had - the 2nd bottom tooth was gone.  We assured him that in Disney, Tinkerbell stands in for the Tooth Fairy and there was nothing to worry about. Here he is looking toothless and a little "goofy."

We had a quick dinner at the food court where Piper made this concoction - pasta and grapes. Yum.  You can guess how much she ate of it, right?

And then headed back to Hollywood Studios for Fantasmic.  I love this photo of C & B!!!

Piper passed out in the stroller and then Jason carried her while we waited for my dad and Kevin/Kelly to join us.

I finally remembered my stash of glow bracelets and got the kids all ready for the fun.  Much cheaper than those Disney glow creations and they were just as happy!

Here's what Fantasmic looks like before the show - kind of cool!  And pretty amazing.  Lots of lights, lasers, water, fireworks, and FIRE!!  Worth the wait but crazy that people get there so early to get a seat.

Here's a short video of the end of Fantasmic.  Piper was so happy to see Snow White again and to know she was okay because she thought one of the villains might hurt her.  Fantasmic is a true Disney production!

After the success of our early morning at Hollywood Studios, we decided to do the same thing for our return to Magic Kingdom the next day so it was back to the resort for some sleep!  Another great day and we clearly had hit our Disney stride.  

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