Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Disney - Day 1

So here I go.... I'm going to attempt to do one day at a time.

We arrived in Orlando around noon via AirTran on Saturday, March 31.  Everything went as planned on our flights and we made our connection without issue.  No problems with security, our luggage, our getting on/off the plane.  The kids loved flying and it certainly made the day even more exciting.  I loved that we were all travelling together (my parents and my brother/SIL).  Even though the kids, Jay and I all sat separately from them, we all were in the airport together and stirring with excitement.  Upon arrival in Orlando, we headed down to the truly Magical Express and waited less than 15 minutes before boarding a bus to Port Orleans Riverside resort  in Walt Disney World.  We had all checked in online a few days before and check-in was a breeze - our room was even ready!  My parents' and Kevin/Kelly's wasn't yet, so we decided to walk over and stash all of our carry on items there since our checked luggage wouldn't arrive until later.  We were in the Alligator Bayou section, building 37, room 3753.  They honored our room request and gave us a connecting room to my parents' room and Kevin/Kelly's room a few doors down.  We even got a renovated room which meant queen sized beds!  Perfect!

We even had a corner room - double windows!  Pretty!

We headed to the food court, got acquainted with the dining plan, scrambled to get some food only to see that it had started raining.  As we ate, the rain got harder and harder.  By the time we finished and walked to the lobby, it was a full blown storm.  It was raining so hard water was spraying out of the downspouts.  We decided to wait out the storm and as soon as it passed, we threw on our ponchos and got on the bus for the Magic Kingdom.  

By the time we got there, it was still raining but not terribly, so we headed down Main Street and got on the Tomorrowland Express.  Bryce drove with my mom and I drove with Piper directly behind them.  My stomach hurt I was laughing so hard at Bryce - he was jerking all around the track, kept looking back at me, and at one point I think would have flown out of the car had it not been for the seat belt.  A great start to our visit.  At this point, Caroline started the first of many complaints which would kind of be her thing the whole trip.  (My feet hurt.  I'm tired.  I want to go swimming.  When are we going back?  When are we going to stop?  I'm hot.Why can't I sit in the stroller?)  But we kept on going and did a few rides in Fantasyland as we counted down to dinner.

We had a wonderful meal at the Liberty Tree Tavern in Liberty Square - fantastic!  The food was REAL food - carved turkey, mashed potatoes, gravy, two different kinds of veggies, and mac/cheese.  And it was all you could eat - delicious!  Although by this time, the early wake up was starting to wear on the kids and Piper had the first of many meltdowns under the table.  

 But dinner perked them up and we kept going and headed over to the Haunted Mansion.  We took the cemetery path even though it was longer because it was more fun.  The kids had a great time messing with all the hands on "spooky" stuff.

Hey look!  A photo of me!
But after that, we were all wearing out.  My pedometer was at 11,000 steps and we still had to go back to the resort, unpack, and get the breakfast food from the Bell Desk that had been delivered earlier in the day.  I really wanted to have stayed through the Electric Light parade and fireworks but I'm so glad we didn't as we were all fading and unpacking took longer than I thought.

So we said good night to the castle and headed out promising to return later that week.

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