Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Weekend in Photos

We had a busy weekend.  Friday's summer like temperatures (82 degrees at home!) was pretty much a guarantee that we were going to be spending the entire evening outside.  The kids rode bikes and scooters and had fun with neighbor kids.  Piper, who had been riding her tricycle, took her first try at riding a two wheeler.  I never would have bought a bike that small, but our neighbor grew out of hers and handed it down to Piper - perfect!  Although her first spin on it wasn't so great because I didn't realize that the tires were flat.  Piper could barely pedal it and I figured maybe she just wasn't ready for it.  But then I gave the tire a squeeze and couldn't believe how flat it was.  Two pumped up tires later and whoosh, off she went!  She was sooooo pleased with herself and has been getting better every time that she rides it.  I know it's because it makes her feel like a big kid.  Knowing Piper, she'll probably figure out how to ride without training wheels long before her siblings did.  That's just how she rolls.

Unfortunately the summer weather didn't last into the rest of the weekend and we woke up on Saturday to rain.  But, we already had a trip planned to visit my grandmother in Hagerstown, so it seemed to be the perfect day for it.  My grandmother is going to be moving out of her house in a few months into an active adult living community.  She'll continue living independently in a one floor house and this was the first time we all got to go and take a look.  We were all amazed at how nice it is and how much space she will have.  I like how it has so many windows and is so bright and cheery.  While I have always absolutely loved the house my grandparents moved into in 1962, I worry about her in that big house with all the steps.  I will be sad when it comes time for her to move, but I will feel good knowing she's living somewhere so nice and safe - plus she won't have to worry about upkeep.

Here are a few photos of us checking the place out....it's still being renovated:

The family room - my uncle is going to buy MeeMaw a flat panel TV to put above the fire place:

Posing in the sunroom/sewing room:

The view of the combined dining room & living room (Caroline loved the bay window):

I love this photo of MeeMaw, my cute, happy grandmother!

Here is what she was smiling about in the last photo...there were some people in the closet:

It was a nice day in Hagerstown, especially since we ended up going out to eat with my parents on the way home - an unexpected treat.  Sunday was another cool, damp day but we had a lot of chores to be done before the work week started - bathroom cleaning, laundry, starting to pack.  The kids kind of entertained themselves and ran around like crazy people while Jason and I did chores. At one point all three kids were in capes and pretending to be super heros or fairies or something.  They also went out on the deck and had a blast blowing bubbles.  They made such a mess that Caroline and Piper had to come inside and get baths before we could go anywhere.  My mom volunteered to watch the kids for a short bit and Jason and I were able to run to Kohl's and Target to get some odd and ends and some clothes.  When we got home, we played The Game of Life for the first time.  Caroline and Bryce LOVED it as I guessed they would.  I remember loving it as a kid too, but I must say as an adult and having to play banker makes it a lot less fun.  That game relies a lot on money exchange and I could barely keep up, plus having to remember each of their salaries.  I think Life needs to go the way of Monopoly with a calculator type device to keep track.  But I've read that modern version of Life isn't as good at the 1980's version that we played.  The biggest laugh of the game for me was that Bryce ended up with four boys!  Ha!  Karma.  We decided their names were Bronco, Bruno, Brock, and Bruce (names we sometimes tell Bryce are his secret name that we named him).

So it was a good weekend and now I have lots of things to accomplish.  I've even told the kids that we will not be reading to them before bed each night so that I have more time to get things done after their in bed.  All the suitcases are out and last night I got all of Piper's clothes packed.  Tonight I'm going to get Bryce's and mine done.  Wooooot!

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