Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Toothless Bryce

Bryce won the tooth race!  Both he and Caroline had very loose teeth and we joked it was a race to see which one would fall out first.  I had a feeling it was going to be Bryce because Caroline won't let us touch hers and Bryce does.  In fact, up through last week Caroline's was more loose.  After trying to pull it last week and coming up empty handed (and making it bleed a little), Bryce showed me how wiggly it had gotten last night.  He could bend it all the way back and I could see it was hanging by the last remnant of a root on one side.  He laid back on his pillow, I got a hanky, and gave one little tug and OUT it came.  It bled a little but he was so happy it was out he didn't care.  Triumphant!

We finally got him settled down and into bed. Of course that was after writing a message to the Tooth Fairy not to take his tooth (Caroline's influence) and to leave him money.  He was jubilant upon finding two golden dollars this morning in his tooth pillow this morning.

What was funny was that much like Caroline had, Bryce carried his tooth and money all around the house with him. I found him sitting on the couch playing with it.  What is it with kids and their teeth?  Do they feel a deep connection to them or are they just fascinated by looking at it?  Maybe a combination of both.  Caroline gave him one of her spare tooth boxes she got when she lost a tooth at school so we'll see how well he manages to keep from losing it but I did tell him that it was not to go to school.  He could take the hole in his mouth but not the tooth and that suited him just fine.  I could tell he was very excited to report his big news to his classmates.

He was also pretty excited last night to hear that he lost his first tooth before Caroline lost her first one, but then, I expected that since he got his first tooth at 4 months and she didn't get her's until 9 months.  Piper was almost 11 months so we've got quite a while before she'll be asking the Tooth Fairy for some dough.

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