Friday, March 02, 2012

Tooth Race

The race is ON! Who will be the next person to lose a tooth?  I officially have two tooth losers in my house now or I'm about to.  Caroline has lost 4 already but it's been a while since she's lost any.  Bryce is about to lose his first.

As you may remember, Caroline has shown considerable angst about losing teeth.  She likes once they are actually out but until that point she doesn't even want to talk about them let alone letting one of us touch the tooth or really get a good look.  But all that has changed now that Bryce is in the mix.  Bryce practically BEGS us to wiggle his tooth multiple times a day to see how loose it is.  He is constantly talking about it and showing us his mouth.  Well, Caroline has followed suit and any time Bryce brings it up, she's showing hers off and is asking us to wiggle it to see the status of hers.  Neither is asking us to pull their tooth out but I could see how easily Bryce would be persuaded if we really wanted to push it.

The biggest difference is how different their mouths are.  Caroline, who clearly has some kind of orthodontics in her future and takes after Jason's side of the family, has her two bottom and top, front adult teeth and they seem HUGE in her mouth.  In fact, they are crowding out the baby teeth and all I can think is HOW are any more adult teeth going to fit in that mouth.  I'm pretty sure that at her next dentist appointment we're going to probably be looking into a palatal expander to help increase the space and possibly (just possibly) decrease the need for actual braces later on.  Bryce, on the other hand, has the most widely spaced baby teeth - much like my side of the family.  When this tooth got loose, it moved over so much that it looks like he's already lost a tooth!  I'm not too worried about his adult teeth finding room.

So we shall see who wins this race.  I think Caroline's had been more loose initially but Bryce has been working his so much and has actually started pulling on it that I think he might be the winner.  Caroline has figured out that there is no Tooth Fairy since figuring out about Santa so she knows who the cash is coming from but she knows not to say a word to Bryce so he can enjoy these first few teeth coming out and the excitement surrounding it.

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