Thursday, March 22, 2012

Talking to Myself

On Monday, my mom had Piper at her house while the big kids were at school and when I called mid-morning to check in, she and Piper were baking muffins.  Piper immediately got on the phone and started talking to me.  With my mom's help, she described everything they were doing and just listening to her saying such grown up sentences, I felt like I was talking to my 5 year old self.

Back in 1982, my family made an audio tape that we sent to my cousins in Pennsylvania.  It was a tape of us talking to them, singing, and telling them what was going on at our house.  I was 5.  I still have lots of lines stuck in my head of things I said on that tape and the way I spoke and phrased things.  So hearing Piper say things like, "We are the dancing bakers." or "We put in carrots, applesauce, eggs, and stirred them up." sounded JUST like me.  It was almost eerie.  But adorable at the same time.

She's such a lovable little kid and says the funniest things too.  Her latest word?  "Stylish!"  If you tell her she looks stylish, she'll strike a pose and say "STYLISH!"  I feel as though her speech therapy is coming to an end though because she has mastered most of her sounds and is gaining more words all the time.  Our SLP told us that it probably won't be much longer before she's released from speech - which is fine for me but I know how much Piper will miss going to school and seeing her.

The photo above is one I took with my phone (hence the terrible flash and exposure) at 6:30am this morning when Piper strutted downstairs completely dressed.  She even had her "high heels" on which are a pair of Caroline's old Mary Janes that have a 1/2 inch hard heel on them and make a LOT of noise on the floor - she loves them and feels so fancy.

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