Thursday, March 22, 2012

Summer Clothes?

Okay, so while I am NOT complaining about how mild the weather has been lately (May weather as opposed to March weather), it has been difficult for picking out clothes.  Because we don't have a lot of storage room upstairs (damn it for not knowing we could have gotten an extra closet off our bedroom when we built the house!) we have to store non-seasonal clothes in the basement.  I brought up the kids' clothes a few weeks ago before it got warm to check our inventory for our Disney trip.  Little did I know that they would actually need them.  And then my mom bought each of them a new outfit or two as well.  So of course with this recent surge of warm (and muggy!) weather, Caroline has been wearing them all.  This morning I came downstairs to find her in a tank top.  Yep, a tank top in March.  I made her put on a white sweater and told her she could take it off it got warmer.  Mind you, it was fairly cool and foggy this morning so NOT tank top weather.  But man, I just took a mid-day walk at work and it is kind of hot out.  Heat index is 76, which is fairly warm in the sun.  I guess that tank top wasn't as crazy as I thought.

And while I do like this weather and how spring has officially sprung in the form of tree pollen and flowers, I keep feeling like we're going to have to pay for this.  You know, weather karma.  Like will the summer be rotten?  Cool and damp?  Or will the month of May feel more like March?  If March came in like a lion this year, then it most certainly is acting quite mouse like by now.

What's weird is that the temperature here isn't a whole lot cooler than it is in Disney World right now.  Not that it makes a difference, but I guess part of me was looking forward to leaving mediocre temperatures for warm ones.  Like it wasn't as exciting on our honeymoon going to St. Marteen in July when it was hot here too, you know?  When we went to Aruba in January 2003, well, that was awesome.  But, regardless, it will be great.  The 10 day forecast is still showing about 10 degrees above normal temps here next week and mid-80's in Orlando.  So we shall see.  All I want is sunny and not too hot.  But warm will be nice, the kids are dying for a swim, after all.

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Katie said...

Don't forget that sunny and 80 in Orlando is much hotter and brighter than sunny & 80 here.