Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Summer Camp Hater

So I'm trying to get Caroline squared away on some summer camps much like last year but she is increasingly resistant.  She LOVED the two she did at our local community college last summer and I figured it was a no brainer this year.  (Bryce can't do them until next year.)  And now that it's almost mid-March, I want to register before spots fill up but Caroline says she doesn't want to do them, they are dumb, and she didn't enjoy it last year.  Bah!

This is also the child that gets bored to tears on weekends if someone isn't around to play with.  The camps at the community college are great and there is such a variety that spans things for more introverted kids to extroverts.  She expressed some interest at the jewelry making camp a few weeks ago now she's not interested.


I need to look into the place we'll be taking the girls to gymnastics too because they offer full and half day summer camp programs as well which might be a good opportunity for both girls too.  It's not about what the camp is though, I don't think.  I think she's just being difficult and Jason says she's acting like he used to.  I just cannot have her completely unscheduled all summer.  And now they are saying that school may very well likely get out an entire week early since we didn't use any snow days this year - great, another week for her to be bored.  I will not have her acting out the way she does sometimes on the weekends when she's bored for my mom or MIL.  That's just not fair!!

She's too young to make her get a job, huh?

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