Monday, March 05, 2012

Pip Pip

I was sitting at the computer yesterday morning and the kids were sitting and watching a movie in the family room.  In walks Piper with a paper in her hand and asks me to read it.  I couldn't believe my eyes. She had written "PIP PIP" on the paper.  I asked her, did you do this?  She said yes.  I asked if anyone had helped her.  Nope.  On her own, she had gotten the paper and crayons and was practicing her P's and wrote part of her name.  On the back she had written "POP" and she was quite proud of that since it was almost "Pop Pop."

I just marveled at her.  I was just so proud and surprised at the fact that she had figured this out on her own.  I later found a piece of paper in the playroom with P's all over it.  She's been recognizing the letter P for a while now but I guess she had seen it enough to draw it.

So this morning she was dressed and ready to go by 6:30 and then went downstairs.  Instead of watching TV like she normally does, she dragged the bucket of crayons over to the kitchen table along with a little notebook.  On a piece of paper nearby, I clearly wrote PIPER in big letters at the top of the paper and pointed to the E and the R.  I told her the R was just like a P with a little line.  I left it at that - I didn't tell her to try writing them, and went about my morning.

My mom arrived before 7:30 and when I walked over to the side of the table I saw her notebook and that she had successfully written a few E's and a couple of R's. And she wrote them fairly small too on a line.  I just gushed over her and told her how proud I was.  And here I was worried that she was going to fall behind because she wasn't in preschool yet (will go next year) and that she'll be one of the youngest kids in her class when she goes to kindergarten.

Piper just always finds ways of doing things differently than her siblings and I that's one of the things I love about her.  Leave her alone and she'll figure it out and do it - that's kind of my motto with Piper.

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