Friday, March 02, 2012

Notice a Pattern?

Ever since Piper got a new music player, she constantly walks around dancing and singing.  The moves she comes up with are hilarious and it's kind of fun to play "Name that Tune" with whatever she's singing.  Notably her speech issues, while much improved, still really show when it comes to singing as she's not able to really sing a song word for word yet.  But hearing her sing "Love You Like a Love Song" or "Bad Romance" is pretty darn cute.

And now most evenings she'll put it on after her bath and then ask me to take her picture and send it to my mother.

I'm surprised at how well she can control the thing, even without reading although sometimes she'll get it into a weird mode and get pretty mad that she can't get it to play music.   And then a few other times I've caught her swinging it around by the cord on the headphones. We're still working on proper electronic device use.  We'll often have to wrestle it away from her to turn it down every so often too.  (But the headphones she has are the kid ones and aren't supposed to get that loud to begin with.)

It's funny to see how into music she is but then I know that at 3 1/2, Caroline was very much into music too.  I guess the difference is that Caroline is my oldest and Piper is my youngest so she still just seems so little and cute whereas at the time Caroline was 3 1/2 I thought of her as so much older.  But then that's probably the bane of being the youngest - your parents have a hard time seeing that you're growing up.  I remember it seemed like Caroline and Bryce quickly aged upon the next sibling being born, but Piper won't have that happen so she's the permanent littlest one.  Not that it bothers me, but I'm sure she'll have growing pains as time goes on.

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