Monday, March 12, 2012

My Spring Resolution

This photo is my spring resolution!  I am resolving to no longer use my island as a catch all.  I want to keep at least 75% of it for food prep only.  Gone are the two junk collecting receptacles (down to one that has been cleaned out) along with the two baskets I had been using to hold all of our non-refrigerated CSA veggies. I have relocated all of that to my pantry.  Although if I found a 2 level decorative basket, I would be okay with something like that on the island so long as it didn't have a huge footprint.

I want to be able to make the kids lunches at the island and whenever I'm cooking dinner to have a whole side of the island at my disposal for prep.  I'm tired of being crunched back in that corner and making a bigger mess and not having a place to sit everything.

A lot of the reason this hasn't been possible have been to bad habits on ALL of our parts.  The kids are notorious for laying toys up there as are Jason and I are for letting mail sit there.  I am kind of inspired by my MIL who uses her island the same way.  Her kitchen is smaller than mine and has less counter space so she HAS to use her island for food prep.  (My mom has a huge island and lots more counter space so I can't compete with hers.)  So until I we move or we completely redo the kitchen (not sure what our long term plan is), I am aiming to keep my kitchen surfaces for cooking!  I think the major impetus has been that since I've been getting even more into cooking/baking lately, I've realized how cramped I am when it involves multiple dishes that involve varying degrees of prep...especially with homemade pizza! Onward!!!


Bracken said...

Good looks good.

Laura said...

Great resolution! I struggle with the same problem. The island is home to mail, unread magazines and catlogs, John's sunglasses, wallet and phone, Andrew's art work, the list goes on and on. Every 2-3 weeks I'm able to clear it and use it for food prep, but it is a constant battle. Good luck!

Katie said...

Ever since I got my two tiered basket from the decorators, I keep the island clean. LOL! I saw some nice ones at Costco & Home Goods!