Saturday, March 10, 2012


Signed both girls up for gymnastics today...finally.  Caroline has no interest in taking any kind of dance lessons because of her stage fright (her words, not mine).  Piper will do whatever I sign her up for and since I can get both girls covered in one morning at the same place, this works for now.  Although Piper wants to take dance lessons too and I might investigate a place near our house this summer to see if she likes it.  Before we left Piper insisted she didn't want to do it but when we walked in and she looked through the observation windows at all the little girls on the mats and equipment, she quickly changed her mind.  In fact, neither of the girls wanted to leave after I finished registration and Caroline was sad to hear it didn't start until April.  But I reminded her that it will be something to look forward to after Disney.  It will run 11 weeks, so well in to summer and we'll see from there how much they like it and want to continue. Caroline had the option of beginner gymnastics or beginner tumbling and she chose the gymnastics because she said, "I don't want to do a back flip or something!"  I reminded her she will only be doing what she's capable of.


Bracken said...

Awesome!!! Hope they have a blast....I am not bias or anything :>

Bracken said...
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