Monday, March 05, 2012

Disney Prep Continues

It's getting closer!!!  And the kids are getting more excited.  When we booked the trip back in August, while they were happy, it was just too far away for them to get excited about.  I was excited since I had been bingeing on the DisBoards and the Unofficial Guide.  Even at Christmas, when we talked about it they would talk about a few things they were looking forward to but it wasn't real excitement.  And then March 1 came last  Wednesday and things changed.  All three of them changed their calendars over to March and all of a sudden it hit them - they could see the date we are leaving for Disney!  Bryce immediately had me write a countdown on his calendar (Caroline already had one).  Then, that evening, Bryce was talking to my mom on the phone and I could just hear the excitement bubbling in his voice when he told her that it was March.  He told her, "I'm getting so excited.  I don't know what we're going to do the night before - we're gonna be like screaming and stuff."  Yeah, that!

I know a lot of parents like to completely surprise their kids with a Disney trip and I understand their reasons for doing so but it's just not in my blood.  I am absolutely loving this prolonged anticipation that we're sharing.  To me, it's part of the whole experience.  I realize that the week leading up to Disney may be a little crazy because of their excitement levels and my growing anxiety to make sure we don't forget anything, but it will be worth it.  Caroline even told me that she'll probably feel like she has ants in her pants the day before spring break and that she was going to warn her teacher ahead of time.  (Although I know the day before any extended school break is tough on teachers!)

Back to prep.....last weekend my mom and I went over our agenda and dining reservations.  My initial plan had been to be on our own the first evening in Disney and then have breakfast or lunch at the Crystal Palace on the last day we were there.  But after talking it through, we decided to have a sit down meal at the Magic Kingdom for dinner that first night and then just be on our own that last day.  Thankfully, even at a late date like this, I was able to get reservations for us all at Liberty Tree Tavern.  Not really high on my list of places to eat but for our first evening at Disney, I don't think anyone's going to care.  And since booking it, I've read really good reviews on the DisBoards, so I think it will be fine.  We'll also be dining at Yak & Yeti, Les Chefs de France (Remy from Ratatouille comes around on a cart!), Mama Melrose's (part of Fantasmic package), Chef Mickey's, and Akerhus (girls princess lunch)/Biergarten(boys).

We decided that we'll do most of our sit down dining reservations at lunch time and then be on our own for counter service for dinner although we'll be doing Chef Mickey's at dinner time since it's not in one of the parks.  I also am just about ready to put in my order through a local Orlando grocery delivery place to deliver food to our room for breakfasts.  We are breakfast people and want to eat early, without hassle and GO GO GO!  So having milk, cereal, fruit and a few other things in the room will be perfect.

I also started going through the kids' spring/summer clothes this weekend to see what they need.  Piper should be fine, Caroline will need some things, as will Bryce.  I should probably assess mine too.  I need to get suitcases from my MIL too since we only have one big rolling suitcase at the moment.  So that's a possible purchase too.  My trusty Lands End luggage is fine for the beach but not for rolling into the airport, even though thanks to Magical Express we won't have to do as much lugging as we normally would.

I also need to go back and reread some things regarding the Touring Plans in terms of tackling the parks.  Since I know it will be crowded, I know we'll need to be somewhat systematic in terms of using Fast Pass and going on specific rides at certain times.  I also have to remind myself that we do NOT have to try and do it all since the kids will enjoy whatever we get to do and won't know if they missed something.

Finally, I want to call our resort and double check on our room requests since it's very important to me that we have a connecting room with my parents and a few other details.  I'm making lots of notes to myself via Google Docs any time I think of something too, you know things like the TSA liquid/gel requirements, carry ons for the kids, slip on shoes for flying, etc.  It will be here before we know it!


Erin said...

oo!! Guess what?! Kids don't have to take shoes off at BWI anymore! Just found this out a month ago when Tom flew! :o) Not sure about Orlando... but one way helps a lot!

Erika said...

Good to know, Erin. Thanks! I have to figure this TSA thing out too with liquids/gels and OTC meds. We'll be travelling during allergy season which means the kids have a lot of meds. Not worried about the pills, but I am about the Zyrtec in a big bottle.

Katie said...

I am excited for your trip too! I agree with you on the anticipation factor too-- that is part of the fun!

I have a large suitcase if you want to borrow it. We bought it just for the trip. I am going to be in Towson sometime soon, maybe even this Friday to pick up my bridesmaid dress, I could drop it off at your office.