Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Camps Resolved

Jason worked his magic last night on Caroline and got her to pick out 2 camps at our local community college.  She and Jason are programmed so much alike and he's often able to get her to do things that I am not.  Basically, he asked her flat out what her plans were for the summer.  After telling him she would read, ride her bike, and make crafts all summer, he reminded her that we suggest those things on the weekends too and she never wants to do them.  Then he asked her why she didn't want to do any of the camps at the community college and she said they were full.  He knew very well all that she had looked at was a catalog and there was no way to tell if they had been filled up so he called her on it and they went down to look.

As she perused the list, she kept making comments like "gross" and "ew" and then they went over it again and she came up with a few.  And now I have registered her for two:

Jewelry:  Beads, Bracelets and More!

and...wait for it.....

World of Pets: Animal Training & Care

Yep, my kid who will NOT be getting a furry pet any time soon is taking a course on animal care.  Sigh.  Quite honestly it makes me sad to tell her that we won't be getting a dog or cat but I just have too many compelling reasons not to get one.  I'm so glad my IL's have a dog and cats and that several neighbors have dogs she gets to play with to give her a fix. She'll probably be one of those kids that goes off to college and moves off campus her second year mostly so she can get a cat.  As long as I don't have to clean up after it though and it never comes home with her, I will be just fine with that.

But back to the camps, I am feeling relieved now.  Now to get something going for Bryce!

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Anonymous said...

No worries about adding furry friends to your household. This family has plenty of them to share! This course will be great for when she comes to visit.:)
I wish adults could take these courses. LOL