Tuesday, March 06, 2012

40 Inches?

I have been crossing my fingers that Piper would be 40 inches tall by the time we went to Disney.  Knowing Piper the way I do, she will want to ride the same rides that I believe Caroline and Bryce will want to ride (Soarin', Splash Mountain, Star Tours).  She's such a brave little kid and wants to do everything they do so I can just see the meltdown if she can't do what they are doing.  I was starting to have my doubts even though I hadn't truly measured her recently.  This morning, after my workout in the basement, I found the tape measure and pulled out 40 inches and held it next to one of the extra kitchen chairs we keep down there.  40 inches is just above the top of the back of the chair.  My initial reaction was that there was no way Piper was that tall.

But then I went upstairs and down came Piper.  I told her to stand next to the chair and my goodness, she's a little taller than the chair!  (When did my baby get so tall?)  Anyway, I figure she'll be wearing her tennis shoes at any given time as well, so maybe we won't have to worry about the 40 inch cut off.  I'm going to measure her with shoes on tonight just to be sure.

I'm not worried about any of the 44 inch ride requirements because I don't think everyone will want to go on those (Space Mountain, Expedition Everest, Rock-n-Roller Coaster) and we can easily find alternatives.  But, I LOVE roller coasters and Jason can only tolerate them in small doses so I'm hoping that one of my kids will be a thrill seeker like me.  When I was a kid, my dad was the roller coaster rider and I would always go with him.  My siblings got braver as they got older too so I always had someone to ride a coaster with.

ETA:  By my measurement, she's like a hair shorter than 40 inches with her tennis shoes on.  Sigh.  I wonder if she'll grow a smidgen in 3 1/2 weeks?  Or maybe I need to buy some lifts for her shoes?  :)

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Bracken said...

My fingers and toes and everything else are crossed hoping she grows before your trip. I hope she is tall enough to ride the rides she wants to. You guys are going to have so much fun and I look forward to hearing all about it.