Monday, February 06, 2012

Your Kid

Piper LOVES to talk on the phone, especially to her grandparents.  She wants to call them almost as soon as they leave our house.  She'll get on the phone talk to the one grandparent and then ask to talk to the other one and then all of a sudden, she decides she's done and she'll say, "You want to talk to your kid?"  and then she'll quickly hand the phone off to Jason or me.  

Cracks me up.  Every time.  

So this morning I was still upstairs when my mom arrived and I heard her say, "Hi Bertie, your kid is upstairs."

It's like she loves the fact that we are someone's kid and her parent at the same time and she never misses an opportunity to make sure we haven't forgotten either.  

After I kissed all three kids goodbye this morning, Piper insisted, "Go over and kiss your mom good bye!"  

Which I did.  Little turkey.  She is such a little wise acre.  

P.S. - No more throwing up - she slept all night and woke up her chipper self.  Fingers crossed!

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