Saturday, February 04, 2012

What's Up with Caroline

I don't feel like I've made many Caroline updates lately.

1.  She got her 2nd quarter report card on Thursday and it was literally perfect.  As I read through the long litany of things she is evaluated on, I kept seeing CD after CD (consistently demonstrates) and 1 after 1.  (They don't start using the regular A, B, C,... grades until 3rd grade in our county - they evaluate on like 20,000 things - the poor teachers!)  She's reading and doing math above grade level and is "a joy to teach."  Even though we are exceedingly proud of her, we're careful not to overdo it on the praise since I certainly do NOT expect a perfect report card.  Trying to think of some ways to reward her this weekend.

2.  On Thursday, Caroline was playing at our neighbor's house after school and I called up to tell her it was time for dinner.  Sophia's mom, Chrisie, answered the phone and asked me about the party that Caroline had invited Sophia to.   Party????  Apparently, Caroline had made up invitations to a party on Saturday at our house for Sophia and her friend, Tara.  It was to be an American Girl birthday party for Caroline's AG doll, Emily. Chrisie said she questioned it when she saw the time on the invitations said "12:30am to 10:00pm."  Needless to say, Caroline and I had a discussion about the appropriate way to plan a party; specifically asking your parents first!!

3.  Caroline is currently saving up her money for a Kindle.  It's all she talks about although she tried to convince us to change it to a LeapPad instead.  While I'm sure the LeapPad is a cool toy, it also is for the 4-9 age range and I wonder how much it would be worth it to her at this age.

4.  She's a scooter fool!  Whenever she's bored (often it seems) she asks if she can go out and ride her scooter.  If you look outside my house on most any given day, there is Caroline (helmet on) scooting up and down the street, usually singing to herself the whole way.  Sometimes I think she's stalking Sophia for the second she gets home but other times I know it's just some alone time for her to feel the wind in her face and have some thinking time.  I know I rode my bike a lot when I was 8.

5.  She had her 8 year old checkup last week.  She's 52 inches and 53 pounds.  That's only a foot shorter than ME.  Egads.  Her legs have gotten so long and she just looks so grown up.  She's so meticulous about doing her hair and the way she dresses - she has more fashion sense than me.

6.  She is currently obsessed with the Gavin DeGraw song "Not Over You." She sings it CONSTANTLY.  (Piper told her she was a good singer.)  Kind of makes me mental.

I know there are more things to report but they are all slipping my mind at the moment.  Might have to come back and update.

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