Wednesday, February 15, 2012

V-Day Success!

I left work a little early so that I could get home to make the kids (and Jason, of course) a special Valentine's Dinner. I'd like to thank Pinterest for inspiring most of the dishes:  Cranberry Chicken, Crockpot Risotto with Lentils (thanks to my friend Heather for the recipe book with this recipe in it!), Roasted Green Beans, Crusty Wheat Bread (I substitute 1/4 of the flour with wheat flour), and Whoopie Pies.  The kids also had applesauce with cinnamon and milk I'd colored pink for the occasion....out of wine glasses, of course!  Once again my great grandmother's china was used (I love it so much!) and my crystal candle sticks.  As I finished up dinner, I had Jason take the kids upstairs so I could get it all set up.   I tied a balloon to each of their chairs, turned the lights down and put on some soft music.  Then they came down and here's their reaction:

Dinner was really good although you wouldn't know it by looking at Piper's plate.  She ended up forfeiting dessert as a result.  Bryce and Caroline were tentative on the chicken but ate their green beans and risotto.  But the best part?  Well, I certainly understand what all the whoopie is about when it comes to Whoopie Pies.  OMG.  You must try this recipe.  Delicious.  I made them on Saturday and tasted them and while they were still very good, having them sit a few days really makes them even better. I put all of mine in the freezer in an air tight container, well, SEVERAL air tight containers, and pulled them out when I got home from work.  Soooo fudgie, so yummy.  I've got a bunch more still in my freezer since eating more than one would have made you sick.

And while dinner and the set up was very well received by the kids, the real excitement of the evening were the Mylar balloons.  They freaked!  I swear they are the next best things to a pet as far as my kids are concerned.

I think the best part of the evening for me was having the kids tell me how much they loved it and how I was "the greatest mom in the world."  To me that just tells me that I've made a happy memory for them which is something that I love doing.  The happy memories from things like this from my childhood are very important to me and I hope they will be for my kids too.

All in all, a very good Valentine's Day.  Jason and I are going out to dinner on Saturday night.  We're not really Valentine's people but we both see it as a good excuse to go out together, so why not?  Definitely looking forward to that.

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