Thursday, February 23, 2012

Two Wheelin'

Back in the fall, Jason proposed taking the training wheels off of Caroline and Bryce's bikes.  Bryce was all for it but Caroline wasn't very jazzed about it.  The day he brought it up though, it was already fairly late in the day and he said we would just do it another day, so it never happened.  Then the kids got scooters for Christmas and that was all they wanted to ride.

Yesterday, on a very mild late February day, I turned onto our street and saw Caroline breezing down the sidewalk on her bike.  I instantly noticed that her training wheels were gone.  Gone!  And she was riding like she'd been riding on two wheels for a long time.  I stopped and honked the horn at her and she got this huge smile on her face and looked so excited.  Then I saw that Bryce's were off too but Jason was helping him.  I pulled into the garage and got out and was bombarded by all three kids eager to tell me the big news (even though I'd clearly seen it already).  Apparently, Jason took Caroline's off and away she rode.  She couldn't get over how quiet her bike is now that she doesn't have the training wheels off and kept saying how she was having a "blast!"  She rode down the street to show me again.  Then Jason got Bryce positioned and Bryce showed me what he's doing.  He's still pretty shaky and needs an adult close by but as long as he keeps his speed up, he's fine.  But he's still kind of tentative so he doesn't always keep his speed up and he'll start looking around which distracts him and then he falls. He also hasn't really figured out how to use his brakes (hand and foot) so that complicates things a bit too, but he'll get it.

Of course Piper had to have an exciting story too and her's was that she's getting better on her little scooter too.  She demonstrated how she can glide now.  The third child can never be left out of exciting news!

The most random story from all this though has to do with Bryce's first launch.  He got going and rode down the sidewalk and was in front of our neighbor's house and fell into his lawn.  Now, our neighbor has an immaculate lawn.  Immaculate.  He's grumpy and everything always looks perfect, so it's funny that when Bryce fell, he fell on the exact spot where an old razor must have fallen out of a trash can and he cut his wrist.  Sigh.  Leave it to Bryce to be on the exact wrong spot.  I guess it started bleeding right away and so Jason got him inside, cleaned it out, and applied a bandage.  Now all I can think is that he's going to tell everyone at school that he fell off his bike onto razor blade - 'cause you know we live in some rat-nasty alley!

And to top it all off, because they kids had learned a new skill, this morning before 7am they were begging me to go outside and ride their bikes again.  I remember reading about how when babies learn a new skill like rolling over or sitting up they might have a hard time sleeping because they want to practice.  I guess it's the same for older kids too.

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