Thursday, February 23, 2012

Two Truths & A Lie

During one of our many Christmas gatherings, my friend Sara mentioned that she often has a hard time getting her two kids to tell me what they did in school that day until she got a tip from a fellow parent at their school about playing a game called "Two Truths & a Lie."  She said that the kids love it and now she actually gets to hear some of the things they do each day in school.  Generally, our kids tell us a lot about what they did but it can't ever hurt to have something else to spark conversation at the dinner table, can it?  So we tried it and I must say, rave reviews!  The kids argue over who gets to go first and they love trying to guess the lie.  Caroline and Bryce are actually pretty good at it.  Jason and I like it but I have to admit I have a very hard time coming up with my truths since my days at work are fairly similar.  Piper, on the other hand, always makes us laugh.  She doesn't quite get the concept of two truths and one lie.  Instead she'll either tell all three truths or all three lies and we have to guess which they are.  And because the lies she tells are pretty darn obvious ("I pooped on the table."  or "I pooped on the roof."), we always know and have a good laugh.  (And why is it always about poop?)

Anyway, so a guy that Jason works with also has 3 kids around our kids' ages.  Jason and Mike exchange war stories all the time.  Jason has said on many occasions that one will tell the other a story and then just be struck by how similar our experiences are.  I'm glad he has someone to commiserate and laugh with from a dad's perspective.  Although Jason comes home with some pretty hilarious stories about Mike and his kids and I always enjoy a good Mike story.  Well, the other night at dinner, Jason told his 2 truths/1lie and one of the truths was that he told Mike about our nightly ritual and he tried it with his family.  Sure enough, his kids loved it too!  And to make it even funnier, his 2 1/2 year old daughter starts her stories every night with "I pooped today" so clearly Piper's stories about pooping aren't anything out of the ordinary.

I love sharing ideas for family time that actually work so maybe this will work well for your family too!  Just watch out if you have a kid under the age of 4, you might hear a lot about poop.

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