Wednesday, February 01, 2012

This is a LONG Commercial!

Bryce wake up fairly early each morning and has recently discovered infomercials.  Although he didn't know what it was he was watching.  He loves the Speed Channel, you know, Monster Trucks and stuff, so he'll turn to that channel before 7am and has come upon some strange television.  This morning I found him quite engaged in an infomercial about a knife set.  He was totally fascinated and commented to me what a LONG commercial it was.  I had a giggle and then explained that it was basically a show that was a long commercial. I asked why he was watching it and he said that it was interesting.  Hook, line and sinker.  Even a 6 year old can be convinced he needs a knife set.  Although right after the knife infomercial was over, a new one started - this one about hair restoration.  I asked him if he was doing research for a family member.  He giggled and said it was pretty interesting.  He just couldn't understand why these shows were always on in the mornings.  Then he flipped the channel and found one about some ab belt that gave you "perfect" abs without doing anything.

"Weird!" he said and then turned off the TV.

Wait until he sees the one where the women keep saying, "Check out my butt!"  He'll LOVE that!

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