Friday, February 03, 2012

Swiss Family Robinson

With our Disney trip rapidly approaching (I can say "next month" now!), I realized that the kids haven't seen some of the Disney movies I'd like for them to see before we go.  First on my agenda?  Swiss Family Robinson, of course!  Not your typical Disney movie in the sense of the characters, but I always remember being in complete wonder in the Magic Kingdom upon seeing the Swiss Family Robinson Tree House.  Probably because that was the part of the movie that I enjoyed the most - the unveiling of the tree house they had just built.

And while I'm sure our Disney trip would have been just fine without seeing it, I thought a non-cartoon, character interest might be fun.  A few weeks ago I started wondering where I could get a copy (we quit Netflix after not watching any of the movies we were paying for) and I thought I'd give the cable a search.  Well, as luck would have it, the Hallmark Channel was randomly playing it a week later.  I set the DVR and forgot about it.

Then on Sunday evening after dinner, I remembered it and asked the kids if they'd be interested in watching.  They started and had LOTS of questions as the movie opens with a family on the verge of being shipwrecked.  Once I assured them everyone would be just fine, they calmed down.  I figured that it would probably hold Caroline's attention so I was so pleasantly surprised that it engaged all three kids.  Because we couldn't watch it all in one sitting due to bedtime, I turned it off and all three of them were begging for more.  They couldn't wait to start it the next night after dinner and then finished it up on Tuesday.

Verdict - they loved it!  Everything from the tree house, to the animals and silly Francis.  Unfortunately, I didn't get to watch the final part of it with them because I had a haircut appointment, but they enjoyed the pirate battle too.

Of course Caroline told me I could stop reminding them that we were going to see the tree house in Disney World.  I guess I am a little too excited about that!

On a side note, watching this movie brought back memories to Jason and me.  We both remember watching a lot of these Disney family movies growing up - Apple Dumpling Gang, Pollyanna, etc.  I particularly loved Bed Knobs & Broomsticks and will have to put that on our family's viewing list for the future.  They just don't make movies like that anymore.....although funny because these movies were all from our parents' generation but I think the timelessness of them and the fact that my kids enjoy them even now speaks to their quality.

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