Saturday, February 18, 2012

Scooter Emergency!

I've talked about how much Caroline has been riding her scooter since she got it for Christmas.  Pretty much every day you can find our outside riding it up and down the sidewalk.  Our neighbor even told her she was going to ride the wheels off of it.  Well, turns out he wasn't far from the truth.

Yesterday, she fell off of her scooter because it stopped turning easily.  When Jason investigated he noticed that the ball bearing piece had gotten messed up and was no longer functioning thereby making the handlebar seem sticky.  He thought maybe he could fix it but upon closer investigation it was clear that it was broken.  Onto Dr. Internet and he found that apparently this kind of malfunction is common.  So common that the Razor website was completely out of the part.  Thankfully, the interwebs provided other places to buy the $5 part and the new piece will be coming in the next week.

Caroline was devastated, frankly.  She cried and cried.  But we told her it was "good" timing since the snow is coming tomorrow and she wouldn't be able to ride it for a few days anyway.  I even told Jason that even if the thing broke completely I would be willing to get her a whole new scooter because they aren't that expensive and she rides it like crazy - great exercise and way for her to get her frustrations out.

Here's hoping the new part fixes it all!

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Anonymous said...

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