Thursday, February 09, 2012


Piper was mostly fine on Monday and Tuesday.  She didn't have her normal limitless appetite, but that's not surprising.  She was a little subdued too but not overly so. On Wednesday, she was pretty close to being herself again.  Then I got home from work and started making dinner and she all of a sudden wasn't herself.  Barf.  Up came lunch.  She then insisted she felt better and was hungry.  I wasn't about to let her have tacos like we were having so she settled on some toast and Gatorade.  That didn't stay down very long after dinner - she ran and hid behind the chair in the family room and threw up in the trash can.  But then for the rest of the evening she was mostly fine.  She kept saying she was hungry and even ate a few animal crackers without consequence.

She woke up this morning back to herself.  I talked to her before lunch and all was well.  Then, right before she was supposed to go to speech she started feeling sick and then threw up.  She was clingy and fairly miserable when Jason got home and when I got home all she wanted me to do was hold her, which I wanted to do but when you're the only person who can pull off homemade pizza, Jason had to step in.  The clingier she got, the more I knew vomit was imminent.  And we were right.  Poor kid.

She then ate part of a Gatorade popsicle and sipped some Sprite.  After dinner, I held her while I worked on the grocery list and she fell asleep in my arms.  She's sleeping behind me now and I'm about to take her up to bed.  I'm just so worried about her.  Is this a virus?  It's just been weird since it's just been random barfing here and there and then no barfing from late Sunday evening until Wednesday afternoon.  Now it seems she's completely wiped out.  I guess it's a relapse and I'm glad she's not throwing up constantly and keeping some food/drink down, but I'll be on the phone to the doctor tomorrow to get his opinion.  My guess is he'll say wait it out given it hasn't been a week yet and these things can last 10 days.  I've just never had a kid relapse before, plus the fact that no one else has gotten sick.


Erin said...

Ben and Simon both did this with the awful one they had in the spring. It lasted like four or five days. AWFUL and so worrisome. I would take her in sometime soon just to make sure of course... but, to reassure you, we did have the same experience and I have heard some other families I know that are dealing with a similar "extended" stomach bug right now. :(

Erin said...

Also wanted to add, sicknesses always worry me more when the other kids don't get them... it's sad that's it's actually reassuring when you know it's just another regular old kid bug!

Erika said...

Thanks, Erin. Yeah it's kind of bizarre sort of wanting it to spread. I remember Caroline having a weird fever for a few days and getting worried and then so happy when Bryce got it. I'm sitting at the honor roll breakfast right now and a mom just told me her younger daughter has had the exact same thing - afternoon/evening vomitting and random, lingering days. Makes me feel a little better.