Tuesday, February 07, 2012

A Real Boy

Bryce has been all boy from the start.  I remember when he was a toddler and how he was magnetically drawn to cars.  How he would play with his cars in Caroline's Little People house and make things crash and fall down was so different from his older sister.  It's just genetically programmed and I remember marveling at that.

Now he's still my super lovey boy - he always wants to snuggle at bed time and often requests just to sit close together and hug.  However, he's completely against public displays of affection though, even though he certainly makes up for it when he's at home (which I love).  He's just become SUCH a boy lately.  He's always been loud, yes.  He's always had a lot of energy, yes.  But lately....wow.  The noise.  The energy.  The craziness.  It's not that he's truly changed because he's always been my loudest and most energetic child, it's just that there's been a sudden uptick.

He talks about Star Wars, Power Rangers, BeyBlades, Ben 10, or super heroes pretty much non-stop.  He made me stop blow drying my hair this morning just so that he could tell me about the commercial he'd seen on TV for a double ended, Darth Maul, light saber and then to ask my why Obi Won Kenobi never had a green light saber. (Save that question for Uncle Jesse, kid.)

He runs around the house constantly, often with light saber in hand.  He battles with Piper who is usually willing and then someone ends up getting hurt and there is a cry fest.  He almost hit my mom in the face with his light saber yesterday as he as whirling it around showing his mad skillz.  (I do appreciate the fact that Piper gets into his Star Wars and Power Rangers fantasy play because he'd really be lonely playing all of this by himself.)

He's also started saying he "hates school."  Mind you he's doing wonderfully in school and when you point blank ask him what he doesn't like he can't say anything really specific.  He likes his teacher.  He likes the kids in his class.  He's happy when he comes home in the evenings and he doesn't really give us any problems going to school.  He does admit to liking gym and lunch.  Could he be anymore of a typical 6 year old boy???

He still is enjoying soccer (scored his first goal on Saturday!) but he hates practice.  Jason has explained to him that going to practice makes him a better player and if he doesn't practice he won't get to play as much.  Bryce was contemplating a switch to baseball but when Jason told him that baseball also requires practice but with more specific skill training in the form of batting, fielding, etc, Bryce said he'll just stick with soccer.  Ha!

It's just interesting to see him transition.  Even though I've had a 6 year old before, a 6 year old boy is completely new to me.  He can be so grumpy and moody at times and he reminds me so much of his father.  My MIL, Sandy, says he has the energy that Jason had at that age as well although Jason was NEVER as loud as Bryce (he takes after his Uncle Kevin in that respect).  He's such a funny kid and so intelligent - I love the stuff he comes up with.

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