Sunday, February 05, 2012

Random Barfing

Yesterday afternoon after we got back from Costco, Piper kept saying her belly hurt.  I wasn't that worried, she complains about something hurting pretty much all the time.  It's just her M.O.  She had slept through most of our shopping trip but that didn't surprise me either because of how bad she slept the night before and how early she'd been up.  I was sitting there playing Star Wars Wii with Bryce and all of a sudden she's over by the kitchen trash can spitting into it - she had just thrown up!

I ran over and could see all the vomit and then cleaned her up while Jason took the trash out.  I made a nest for her on the couch covered in towels with an empty trash can nearby and waited to see what would happen.  She was acting pretty normal again.  Was this just Piper's weird stomach or was it more?  Later in the afternoon, she passed out on the couch and I wasn't completely surprised either but starting to wonder if her exhaustion was more than just not sleeping well the night before.

I took Caroline out for a Target run and Piper woke up when I was gone.  Jason said she was clingy and she perked up just minutes before I got back.  We whipped up dinner (homemade black bean burgers and cabbage salad for us and nuggets, veggie and applesauce for the kids - we didn't feel like fighting with the kids over food choice at that point). Piper INSISTED on having dinner and ate a piece of bread, a nugget, and applesauce.  I figured it was better than giving her any dairy products and she seemed fine.

Just after tucking them into bed, Piper started moaning about her belly.  Thankfully the bed was well covered in towels.  She made it to the trashcan again!  We cleaned her up and she went to sleep - a fitful sleep.  Between the time we went to bed around 10pm and 1am, she was up MANY times and wanted me to lay in bed with her.  Normally I will not go along with this but because she was sick, I obliged.  I slept at the end of her bed semi-comfortably for a half hour to an hour at a time.  Finally, around 12:30, I was exhausted and when she came into our room again, Jason took her back and told her that mommy need to sleep and she needed to stop waking up and coming in for no apparent reason.  Now in hindsight, I know she was just not feeling well.  Jason gave her a sip of water and within a few minutes that came right back up.  (She made it to the trash can again!)  I was starting to wonder at this point what we were in for since she couldn't keep water down, but that turned out to be the last wake up of the night.  Of course, I only felt like I was half asleep just waiting for the sound of a kid retching again.

She woke up this morning and has been mostly herself.  She ate a piece of toast and had Gatorade and has been fine.  Although she's usually begging for more food by this point so I'm not convinced she's 100% yet.  Now we wait to see if this spreads.  My stomach feels tentative but I think it's more because of the crappy sleep and just being around a barfing kid.  Jason and I did our best to bleach what we could and wipe everything with cleaning wipes too.  Here's hoping....

When Jason told my MIL about the barfing they were wondering where she picked it up and Sandy remembered looking down and seeing Piper licking the handle of a shopping cart the other day.  Gross!  Typical kid and perfect example of why kids pick up stomach viruses more frequently than adults - they just have to learn, I suppose.

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