Monday, February 27, 2012

Puppy Love & the Magic 8 Ball

Well, according to Caroline she is in LOVE.  I'm only blogging about this because she makes it absolutely NO secret.  Had she told me in any kind of confidence, I would most definitely be keeping it between the two of us.   At first I thought maybe it was a secret because she would tell me about him in our bedtime talks but now it's become common knowledge and every evening at dinner she tells us all where she encountered him that day.

And who is the lucky boy?  Well, his name is Elijah and he is a year older than Caroline.  Caroline has never spoken to him and has only smiled (and blushed) at him across the cafeteria or in the hallway.  Elijah's younger brother, Antonio, is one of Bryce's buddies in kindergarten.  Because of this diluted connection, supposedly Bryce has told Antonio that Caroline likes his brother and that Antonio has told Elijah.  Bryce even says that he saw Elijah in the bathroom one day and told him that Caroline likes him.  OMG.  Caroline just giggles when Bryce tells her these kinds of things.

So I've asked Caroline what she likes about Elijah given the fact that they have NEVER talked.  All she can come up with is that he's sooooooo cute and he must be nice because he looks nice and his brother is nice.  Ha!  I told her that looks and sibling links are generally not an indicator about how nice a person is and that most boys in the 3rd grade are not very interested in girls.  Then she'll tell me that she's in "loooooooove" again and then ask me what you do when you're in love.  Well, considering you've never talked to him, I'd say you keep on doing what you're doing.

This whole scenario is funny but it's also a little nauseating for my taste.  We don't do anything to support or perpetuate it but we're also not telling her she's doing anything wrong.  I admitted to her that I had crushes on boys at that age too but that I was always too embarrassed to have ever old anyone about them.  I most certainly did not tell my mom and I don't even think I told any friends for fear that the boy would find out.  This is definitely where Caroline and I are different.  I asked her if anyone in her class knows and she said that most people do.  She doesn't seem the least bit bothered by it either.  And apparently she and Bryce regularly have brother/sister talks about who they like and they discuss their crushes - cute!  (Yes, apparently Bryce has a secret crush, but we'll need to keep that one to ourselves.)

And now the latest?  She found her little Magic 8 Ball and has been peppering it with questions about Elijah constantly.  "Will he smile at me tomorrow?"  "Is he thinking about me right now?"  "Does he want to kiss me?" (No, I can't believe she's talking about kissing and I've told her in no uncertain terms that it is not appropriate for 8 year olds to be kissing and there shouldn't be any of that at school!!)  This must be the Magic 8 Ball that all girls must want because I swear the thing gives "yes" answers way more often than "no" answers.  Gag.

I really shouldn't be completely surprised about any of this though.  Caroline has had boy crushes since she was Piper's age.  I remember her getting all giddy and silly around Jason's teenage cousin and then her having a crush on our neighbor, Joey.  (She's told me that she doesn't like him anymore and that they're just good friends...oh so mature.)

I'm fairly sure nothing will come of this given the fact that she doesn't even have the courage to utter the word "hi" to him and nor does the boy seem that interested although she says that if they look at each other in the cafeteria that he'll get all red.  But it does make me realize that the true boyfriend years will be here before I know it and Jason and I have a lot of things to discuss before then but my hope is to keep the lines of communication open about this kind of stuff so that I know what's going on as opposed to having to find out.  Good heavens, they grow up way too fast.  Thankfully, Piper hasn't shown any interest in boys yet so it seems she's not on the same boy crazy track that Caroline is on.

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