Wednesday, February 29, 2012


Well, she did it.  Caroline finally hit the mark on her behavior (at home) to successfully earn a Kindle.  She is putting some of her money toward it and we are paying for the rest.  With the way she's reading books, I think it will be great.  She's also shown us since Christmas that she can take care of a pricier electronic.  She's super excited.  We got her a simple Kindle without 3G that I will Wifi disable.  We'll also be downloading a majority of her books from the county library since that is FREE and they have a lot of books that she likes even if that means she'll have to wait a day or two to get them.  I've been doing it since Christmas and liking the fact that it's risk free reading.  The concept of a library has been made new again.  (I'm currently reading a non-fiction book on the life of Catherine the Great - something I would probably never buy.  It's excellent and I'm so glad I'm having the opportunity to read it.)

Jason let her pick out her sleeve and it should arrive on Thursday or Friday.  I know she's pumped.  She plows through the Junie B. Jones and Judy Moody books so quickly they are definitely not worth buying anymore.  She got a few books for Valentine's Day that she hasn't finished yet so she's certainly not short on anything to read.  She's had her heart set on a Kindle since after Christmas when I got one.  Although a few weeks ago she tried to convince us to spend the same money on a LeapPad.  We gave a definitive NO on that since the main reason she wants it is for non-educational purposes such as taking photos and editing them.  Plus it's for ages 4-9 and I'm not paying that much money for something I know she will quickly lose interest in.  I believe that the Kindle will grow with her. And while it is a pricey item, it's solely for reading and we want to continue to support her love of it.  I told Jason to save the $30 and get the one with ads but he wanted nothing to do with it even though the ads only come up when you're not reading it.

So we shall see how this goes.  It will be nice to have along on our trip to Disney and car rides as well and I suspect that when she first gets it she'll be reading even more for a while.  I know when I got mine I was devouring books initially.

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