Sunday, February 12, 2012


Yesterday in Bryce's soccer game, he made the game winning goal.  He made a goal last week too at the very last minute of the game but I wasn't there to see it.  Plus, his team didn't win in the end anyway.  But this week we were all there and the game was tied at the very end.  He ran down field and his teammates had the ball at one of the sides of the goal.  His coach yelled over to him to go to the middle and wait.  It's unusual to see the kids really listen to their coach at this age, but Matt got Bryce's attention and he did.  Well, here comes Gavin with the ball and it gets kicked to Bryce and BOOM, Bryce kicks it in.

I was instantly on my feet cheering.  Instantly!  We were all yelling and he looks over at us and has this look of surprise on his face like, "I did that?"  I don't think I've ever really cared about a soccer goal before.  I guess this kind of changes things.

They played for a minute longer and the HMR Red team had won their first game!  In my head, I gave Bryce the MVP.  (Not that they keep stats in clinic soccer.)  We were all just so proud of him.  Even Caroline said that it was the first game she really enjoyed and that's saying something because she usually complains every week that she has to go.

Here's his picture right after the game - that smile says it all!

Video coming....Uncle Jesse managed to get it on video so I need to get it from him and then I will post it.


Erin said...

So cute!!! I had a similar experience at basketball on Saturday with Ben. So fun when they do something so special!!!!

Laura said...

Way to go Bryce! Soccer used to be my sport, too...I wonder if my kids will want to play someday.