Saturday, February 04, 2012

Funny (and not so funny) Piper

Just some goings on with Ms. Piper:

"See-git" - Music.  She can say music if you prompt her but if she asks where her "see-git player" is, you know what she's talking about.

"Old Nana" - On Thursday, Piper and my MIL, Sandy, were sitting at the kitchen table and Sandy told her, "Piper, no matter how old you get, you will always be my little Piper."  Without missing a beat, Piper responds, "Well, you'll always be my old Nana."  Sandy was laughing so hard and Piper kept asking "What I say?"

Power Rangers - Piper (and Bryce) love The Power Rangers. (barf)  The two of them constantly run around and wrestle pretending to be a specific Power Ranger.  I'm constantly hearing, "I Lily!"  or "I Mia!" a scream and then running around my house.  She LOVES to wrestle until she gets hurt.....which leads me to my next one:

Crying!  Piper cries over the least.little.thing.  OMG.  I call her "Piper Cry Cry" quite often.  Everything results in Piper crying.  She is sooooooo sensitive.  She's a bit of a whiner too.  One on one she is fine but if her siblings are around it's crying fit after crying fit.  Exhausting.

Sleep - Piper resists sleep constantly.  She doesn't want to go to sleep at bedtime.  She wakes up in the middle of the night and she wakes up early.  Really early.  5:20am this morning.  I know it's a phase and we keep putting her back to bed.  The other night at 1am, she kept getting up and we kept putting her back to bed and she would cry every time.  Needless to say we had very little patience.  When Jason put her back one time, he told her she was to stay in her bed and not bother us.  So what did she do?  She got up and went and got into bed with Caroline.  Now while I think it's really sweet that Piper is comforted by Caroline and loves her big sister so much, I know that waking Caroline up is a bad idea.  By the time I got in there, an argument was starting.  I felt bad for Caroline and I grabbed Piper up and put her back to bed.  And then at her 5:20am wake up call this morning I went in and closed her door and told her that she needed to stay in her room and play.  Of course, I closed her door and that made her cry.  I think the other two kids were up shortly after 6am as a result.  I closed and locked our door as a precaution but never really did completely go back to sleep.  Boo.  "If Piper ain't sleepin', aint' no one sleepin'."  Bryce went through something similar, so we just have to ride it out and keep being consistent.  She's quite a willful little thing so it might be a while.....

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