Monday, February 13, 2012

No Valentine For You!

Both big kids had their teachers send home class lists last week letting parents know that if they want to give Valentines to their classmates they would be having a celebration and card exchange on Tuesday.  I pretty much expected that Bryce would want nothing to do with it given how hard it was for met o get him to do it last year in preschool.  Caroline has done it before but I think a lot of the interest has been because we were at Target, saw the Valentines and she had special ones she wanted.  This year?  Nope.  No how.

I reminded them that they would probably receive them from other kids and if that mattered.  Nope.  Can I tell you how fine I am with that?  Aside from the fact that it would be my money (even if we made them on the computer, it's my ink and paper!), it would be my time which as we all know is worth way more than some cheapo Valentines.  The time spent assembling 20+ Valentines for each kid's classmates - way too much!  Even if they start off gungho about it, it never remains that way when you're about halfway in.  And then there's the fact that you know those things are barely looked at and then trashed.  What's the point, really?  And quite honestly, giving a Valentine is supposed to be an expression of some kind of love or sentiment - if you're giving them to everyone what does it mean really?  I certainly know that getting a Valentine from some kid in his mom's handwriting doesn't mean much of anything.  (Most of the ones from Bryce's classmates last year were written by parents - something I never would do.)

Don't get me wrong, if the kids wanted to do them, I would have gone out to the store and helped them pick some out or I would have spent time on the computer designing something super cute to print and give out.  But if their heart isn't in it (ha ha!), why should mine be?  Does it reflect on me as a mother if my kids don't give out Valentines?  If it does, I guess I don't care.  I certainly won't be sitting on Tuesday evening going through the class roster to see if there were any kids that didn't give my kids a little piece of flimsy card stock that has some annoying SpongeBob remark on it pertaining to Valentine's Day.

I actually do like Valentine's Day though.  I have a few tricks up my sleeve as far as the kids are concerned.  But THEY (along with their father) are my Valentines.  They're worth my time to do something a little special.  So while I expect Piper will get into Valentines next year in preschool, it seems my older kids are already a bit like their mom and dad and don't see need for hype when it comes to liberally spreading Valentine cheer to everyone.

ETA: I caved, sort of.  I had to stop at the grocery story to get something that we forgot on our Peapod list (um Coffeemate!) and saw the V-day candy display.  I contemplated just getting them each a bag of candy and they could give a piece to each friend - you know, no name writing required.  Then I saw the ultimate kid candy...Fun Dip.  And in 24 count packages.  Caroline's class has 26 and Bryce's 23- minus each of them and it would be just enough.  There is a place on them to write names and when I got home and showed them Bryce got super excited and wanted to do them right away.  It's hard writing on Fun Dip, folks.  But, I compromised with him.  Jason was making dinner so I told Bryce I would write his friend's names if he wrote his own name.  Bingo.  V-day assembly line.  We were done in less than 10 minutes.  Caroline still hasn't done hers and I don't care if she doesn't.  She can still take them and hand them out.

Funny that I posted this and then Erin posted on FB about her V-day troubles.  I guess it's just a normal kid thing!


Erin said...

Oh this is so funny! I just read it! Next year, I may take your tact and just not do them. It's just annoying!!! Hard to get away with in preschool though. There are only 8 kids in Simon's class. (sigh)

Erika said...

That was my predicament last year too, Erin. Small class made it more obvious.

I highly recommend the FunDip valentines though. They actually wanted to give them out as opposed to the little paper ones. Caroline did hers this morning in 5 minutes.